Teacher at day, racer at night - engelsk

Julie is 17 years old, and had a lot of boyfriends, but all is got to change, when she meets her new hot english teacher. He is 25. Tall, dark hair and handsome. But he is forbidden!


9. Secrets

We drove to our favorite shopping place – the mall – We parked near the front and started to walk towards some of our favorite places, I was kind of hungry, so I tapped Kara on her shoulder and pointed towards a McDonald. She looked at me and laughed and said

“Are you hungry? Already?”

I smiled and nodded while I touched my stomach. She sighed and said “Okay”

So we walked into McDonalds and ordered a couple of burgers and a coke. We were talking when Jared walked towards us with a big smile, I groaned and Kara looked at me. But I didn’t need to answer her.


Jared said, and looked at Kara with a sexy smile. She looked up at him, and flashed one of her dazzling smiles. I couldn’t stop my laughter and Kara looked angry at me, but Jared just smiled and said

“Have you seen my brother?”

I froze, why did he say that? I got a little nervous, and my stomach did a little dance. I looked at him and tried to sound composed when I answered him

“Not since school.. Why?”

He shook his shoulders and just smiled and said in a teasing voice

“He would meet me here, that’s why, what did you think?”

I relaxed and said with a big smile


He looked at me with a weird smile, but shortly his eyes met another pairs. Mr. Browning. My heart started to race and I was nervous, I hated that he was near me.

"What are you two talking about?"

Mr. Browning asked, when he reached us.


I quickly answered.


Jared mumbled, with a secretly and sexy smile. Mr. Browning touched my arm, probably by an accident, when he reached out for something, Jared gave him. I didn't feel like being a part of their fight, so I asked Kara if we could go somewhere else in the restaurant. She was smiling all over her face, and looked like she was going to faint.

“Oh my GOD, he is hot! And his brother, it's unbelieveable! And did you see how they both looked at you? They're so crazy about you!"

Kara squealed.

"Yeah, I saw it. And it freaks me out!"

I whined. Kara looked like me, as if I was completely insane, which I probably was, considering, that I had a crush on my teacher. A really bad crush on my teacher! I hurried towards some shops, but I didn’t feel it. And Kara started to get bored, because she was trying some really ugly shirts. I shook my head and said

“Seriously Kara?”

She looked shocked at me for a second, but started to smile, kind of scary smile, she tossed a shirt at me, I looked at it, it was yellow with purple and blue stones and a lime green print, I looked at her like she was crazy, but she just smiled and said

“It’s fun Julie!”

I looked at it, and I decided I needed to have some fun, so I got in a room and started to put the shirt on, after a second we both counted down from 3, and stepped out. We were laughing our asses of, we looked so stupid! We played that game for an hour or so in different shops. And every time we got some angry looks from the employees, we hurried out and got into some other shops. We were laughing so hard, that I started to cry, and Kara had it hard to breathe.

“That was funny!”

Kara spat out between laughter. I couldn’t speak so I just nodded and tried to stop laughing. After some minutes I calmed down and so did Kara. I looked at the time – it was already 7 in the evening, I looked at Kara and said

“Are you ready to go home?”

She looked at her phone, and answered a couple of text messages; she looked at me like she was guilty of something, I started to giggle a little and said


She blushed and said

“Rob has asked if I came over tonight, would you drive me. Please?”

She was doing her puppy face, so I sighed and nodded; she jumped at me at said happily

“Thank you, thank you!”

I laughed at said that it was okay. We started to walk out to my car. Or I was walking, Kara was jumping/running and was shouting at me, to get me to walk faster. It was hilarious! Because I was walking really slow, just to piss her off. After 5 minutes Kara started to push me, and I started to laugh. She was red in her face, and was shouting and pushing me. But I was not walking any faster

“Come on!”

She shouted and I just laughed. But we got to my car after some minutes. And Kara was trying to rip my door open, I still laughed and said

“Are you trying to break my car?”

She blushed and shook her head. I locked the door open, and got in. Kara was jumping up and down on my seat. I started to drive towards Rob’s house. He lived downtown, not the best neighborhood, but Rob was nice. And he could drive Kara home tomorrow. When we reached his house, he was standing outside to say hi. I just smiled and said goodbye to Kara and teasing her.

When I was driving home, I didn’t think I was paying attention, because I suddenly couldn’t recognize my surroundings. I was lost. I got a little nervous, but I tried to relax and I found my gps, I hoped to find a way home. After some searching, the gps found a way. So I started to drive. When I got to a street I knew, I saw it was blocked, by some cars. It was weird because it wasn’t normal to be street racing here. I have always wanted to see a real street race, so I parked my car, and walked towards the crowd. They were cheering on a really nice car, it was a silver grey car with metallic blue flames on the side, it had a hex spoiler and a blue neon light at the bottom. I was not into cars, but it was a beautiful car, I was in love! I think it was winning, so I started to cheer for it. Some girls looked weird at me, but I ignored them, and tried to have a great time. The cars were near us, and the grey car was winning. I clapped and watched the car drive around and back towards the crowd. I wanted to see the driver, so I started to walk towards it. But when the driver got out, I froze in my movements, it was Mr. Browning!

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