Teacher at day, racer at night - engelsk

Julie is 17 years old, and had a lot of boyfriends, but all is got to change, when she meets her new hot english teacher. He is 25. Tall, dark hair and handsome. But he is forbidden!


7. Detention

Kara couldn’t stop laughing and I couldn’t stop blushing, because in every class we had, Zach would be in them too. And it was so awkward and embarrassing first, but after 2 classes I almost got over it. I was still blushing when he looked at me and smiled. And I didn’t help that Kara was laughing at it! After the last class I said my goodbyes to Kara and slowly walked towards Mr. Browning’s classroom. I had 5 minutes until I should be there, but I just walked in. I really regretted that when I saw Miss Shawn, our young hot secretary, sitting on Mr. Browning’s desk and talking to him in a hushed sexy voice while she had a hand on his arm. It was him that saw me, standing in the doorway. And I felt embarrassed so the only thing I could think of to say was

“Do I interrupt something? I can leave and come back later”

Mr. Browning hurries to stand up and said

“No. No you don’t interrupt anything Miss Smith. You can sit at your table and start doing some homework. And when Mr. Tanner shows up we can start detention”

He looked over at Miss Shawn and says something to her in a low voice, so I couldn’t hear it. But she leaves with a smile on her face, and he looks happy. Ew they probably have a date or something. But I don’t care! I slowly starts to find my homework and working on my math. After 15 minutes are Zach still not in the class, so Mr. Browning looks kind of happy, sitting in his chair with his arms over his head , so you really can see the muscles under his shirt, while he was reading some papers. I couldn’t stop staring at him. After some time I think he could feel I was staring at him because he cleared his throat and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I started to blush and looked down at my math again. I couldn’t figure this one out. And I wasn’t sure if he could help me. I looked at him again and this time it was me that cleared my throat. He looked at me. And I almost forgot to breathe. I slowly said

“Are you good at math? Because I’m not sure on this.”

He got up of his chair and walked towards me. When he reached my table he stood behind me to look over my shoulder. I could feel his breathe on my chin and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. It felt so good to have him so close to me. Not close enough as in my dream. But I was all I could get. And it was great! He stood with a hand on my paper so he better could see it. And after a little while he said

“I’m not a math teacher, but I think you should isolate x and divide 43 with 56”

I looked at him and said


Just there I saw how close our heads where against each other. I could see into his brown eyes. It felt like the time stood still and it was just me and him. I had no control over my body, because in same second, I minimized the gap and pressed my lips on his. It didn’t last for more than 5 seconds because by then I got control over my body, and I quickly broke the kiss. I gentle said

“I’m so sorry”

It was all I could say before I started to throw my books into my bag and run out from the classroom. What the hell is wrong with me?! I ran towards my car. I unlocked it and when I got inside it, the rain started to pour down. And I silently started to cry. What the hell had I done? I kissed a teacher – my young hot and probably included teacher! I’m in so deep shit. I could only hope that he wouldn’t say anything. But why would he not? I slowly started to drive all the way home. And I cried the most of the way.

When I got home, none of my parents were home. I was glad for that, because a detention wasn’t a good thing in this perfect family. I unlocked the door and walked inside. I were in a bad mood for the rest of the day, and my parents could feel it, but they didn’t got in my room to ask about it. I heard a lot of music and thought of the possibilities I had. He had probably said it to the headmaster, and if I were lucky I could only get a week of suspension. But the worst? I could get kicked out of the school for my stupidity! I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next day I felt sick, but my dearest mother said

“Honey, you are not sick, but tired, so go to school.”

Yeah I’m tired; I didn’t sleep until 4 in the morning, so I got 2½ hours of sleep. But I didn’t want to make my mother angry, so I dragged my ass to school. I saw Kara and walked up to her. She was talking to a jock – Sam – Kind a hot guy but too sweet, I dated him for a week.

“Hey Sunshine!”

Kara said when she saw me. I couldn’t even smile when she said that, because I was still in a bad mood, but Kara didn’t knew that, and she wouldn’t until I knew if I’m getting kicked out or what. She looked at me with a question in her eyes, I didn’t want to talk about it, so I looked at Sam and said

“Hello Sam, Good summer?”

He smiled at me with his sweet smile and nodded.

“Yeah, I started to date Natacha”

Natacha is the sweetest girl in school, kind of a geek but really sweet. So I were happy for him.

“Congrats Sam, she is a great girl”

He started to blush and said

“Yeah she is. I have to go, see you soon?”

I nodded, Sam was a good friend. He couldn’t talk bad about another person. And he wasn’t a dick towards the girls. I would have dated him if it wasn’t because I didn’t fell in love with him. When Sam left I were alone with Kara, not good. I slowly looked at her and saw she were sending me her “angry face” I couldn’t help but laugh at that, because she was so bad at it. But slowly I got serious again and said

“A bad morning, nothing else”

She took it and smiled at me with a slightly crazy smile. Oh no!

“So how was detention with Mr. Hunk?”

She waggled her eyebrows and waited for me to spit out, so I said nearly the truth.

“Zach didn’t show up, so I used the time to do my math homework”

She looked disappointed, but I just couldn’t tell her! She would shout at me, and then the hole school would know! I took a deep breath and said

“Come on Kara, I don’t want to be late for English!”

She nodded and took my arm. She used the time to talk about some hot guys – like always – But I couldn’t concentrate, I were so afraid that he would say anything. When we got into the classroom, it were nearly empty, the only persons in there where Mr. Browning and his brother. Kara stopped in her movements and gasped, she then looked at me with big eyes. I shook my shoulders and then Jared said

“Hello Julie and Julie’s friend”

I smiled at him and said

“H Jared, how are you?”

He smiled his sexy smile and walked over to us and gave me a hug. I couldn’t help but laugh and he smiled down at me and said in a hushed tone so Kara couldn’t hear it.

“I’m all right, but my brother..”

He looked at Mr. Browning, he was standing beside his desk, with his head down and crossed arm. He looked sad.

“.. He is not too good today, a certain girl did something to him yesterday, but he wouldn’t tell me what.”

I started to blush, had Mr. Browning talked about me? I looked at Jared to see if he knew more that he said. Nope, he did know I did something yesterday, but not what. So Mr. Browning hadn’t told the headmaster? I could only hope!

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