Love Sucks - Færdig

Melissa moves to a new town, after her parent's death. She hates her life.
Damon is a vampire, who tries to live a human life. He hates Melissa.
But why?


3. I Can't Forget

Damon’s Point Of View


When I got out of the store, the street was conveniently empty. So I jumped up on the roof, and ran home that way. I kept up my vampire speed, so no one would see me. Or, at least, if anybody saw me, they’d think they were hallucinating. So, I got home in a couple of minutes. Home, was right outside the town, behind a little forest. I was alone. My parents died a long time ago. They were killed by a vampire. And that same vampire turned me. Not that he stayed to tell me what I’d become, but I soon found out. When I got to the house, I ran down the stairs to the basement, and looked for blood. I always have a couple of bottles. Or, I always have, except that one day. “Damn it!” I growled. “Damn it!”

Melissa’s Point Of View


He got out of the store so fast, I didn’t even achieve to say goodbye. But what does it matter, I’d probably never see him again. And then I remembered… In a small town, everybody knew each other. ”What are you looking for, miss,” the storeowner said. ”A sleeping couch, a desk and a chair,” I said, after thinking for a while. ”Yes, right over here,” he said, and leaded me through most of the store, to a very modern and simple sleeping couch. It was black. Just black. And it wasn’t too expensive… 200 dollars, that I could pay. ”Yes, I would like that one,” I said. ”Yes miss. And a desk?” ”Yes, please,” I mumbled. He found a desk and a chair in white, in the other side of the store. I felt like I got dragged around. ”This?” he asked. ”Yes, please,” I said, and he took a paper and a pencil from his pocket, and asked for my address. ”Well… I live above the clothing store on this street. I actually don’t know the address…” I mumbled. ”It’s fine, I know the place. You’re stuff will be delivered later this afternoon.” ”Thanks,” I said, and gave him the money. 450 dollars. Then I went down the street, and found a place that sold electronics. So I found a flat screen TV, and a DVD player, and some cheep DVDs. I bought all of it, and asked the owner to deliver it to the room above the clothing store. Everybody seemed to know where that was. And then I found a store where the sold things to the kitchen, and I found some bowls, forks, knives and spoons, and some pots. I found, that, that was enough for the beginning. So I went home, right in time, to see some men deliver my stuff. From both stores. So I got all of my furniture, and was ready to cook… When I realized I forgot to buy food, of any kind. So I ended up ordering a pizza. While I was waiting for it, I thought of today… Most of all, I thought of the boy from the furniture store. I couldn’t forget him.. Damon. He was handsome, nice and… There was something about him. Something strange, different… Dangerous. No, of course he wasn’t dangerous. Why would he be? If was ridiculous. I laughed at myself. Then the doorbell rang, and the pizza was here. ”Hi,” I said when I opened the door. A boy at my age, stood there with a pizza. ”Hey. You’re pizza..” he smiled. ”Yeah, thanks,” I smiled back. ”Welcome to town, by the way,” he said, when he went down the stairs. He looked up at me and smiled.

Damon’s Point Of View


I wanted her out of my head. Now! If she didn’t get out of my head, I swear I’d kill her. I’d probably end up killing her anyway. I stole a blood bag from the hospital earlier. Even though I’d promised myself I wouldn’t do it anymore. But rather a blood bag than a girl… I think.

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