Love Sucks - Færdig

Melissa moves to a new town, after her parent's death. She hates her life.
Damon is a vampire, who tries to live a human life. He hates Melissa.
But why?


5. Forbidden Fruit

Melissa’s Point Of View


Damon was my teacher? How the hell? That was impossible. Or, obviously it was incredibly possible.

The boy from the furniture store wasn’t a boy, but a man. I still couldn’t see him that way. As a man. As older than me. The whole class, I listened to his voice. Just him, talking.

Last night, I hadn’t really thought of this situation. I hadn’t considered the possibility, that he might wasn’t like me. But he was everything I wasn’t. He wasn’t a student. He wasn’t a child.

And he wasn’t lost…


Damon’s Point Of View


I felt lost.

Because the more I watched her, the more I supervised her every move, the more I felt connected to her.

The more I wanted her instead of her blood.

But it was too dangerous, not for me of course, but for her. And me worrying about that, proves that I started to care. Which scared me more than my desire for her and her blood.

But lets admit it. I was weak for a second, and gave it. Not gave in to my thirst. But all that enthusiasm to keep my thirst under control, took of my strength to control my feelings. And they already had developed a lot in this one hour I’d been looking at her.

”Miss Smith, can I talk to you for at moment?” I asked her, when she was on her way out of the class.

”Yes, of course,” she said nervously.

When the rest of the class had left the room, I closed and locked the door, just in case I couldn’t control myself, and moved closer to her.

”Miss Smith.. Or, can I call you Melissa?”

She nodded.

”Melissa. I can’t help noticing something remarkable about you. You’re not like my other students. You are… Tempting,” I smiled.

I moved closer and closer to her, while I spoke.

”But… Mr. Whitmore,” she whispered, and leaned back against my desk.

”Call me Damon,” I smiled.

There was only a couple of inches between us now, and I impressed myself, by being able to control my thirst astoundingly easy. She mumbled something hazy, with no sense in it at all, and looked scared up at me.

I interrupted her in my own way, by kissing her neck, her shoulder, her chin. I removed my lips from her and looked into her eyes.

Unwillingly desire had replaced the tense look in them. I knew my eyes grew darker, when I heard the blood rushing threw her veins.

And it probably sounds stupid, but to cover for it, I kissed her again. This time on her lips.

She gave herself over to me all to willingly now. She had stopped caring about the consequences.

I had stopped breathing a long time ago, to keep the smell of her away, but I could still hear how her heart beat faster and faster every second. Someone knocked on the door.

”Damon! Hey bro, are you in there?” one of the other teachers asked. The only one of them, I actually considered as some kind of a friend. Mick.

Melissa jumped back, like I’d burned her. I probably had, but I don’t think she noticed.

”I should…” she mumbled.

”Yes, Mick, I’m in here, I’m talking to one of my students,” I yelled at him.

”Oh, I can come back later. But don’t forget; we’re going to the movies tonight! And sorry I interrupted,” he answered. ”Sorry miss Smith,” I said, and looked at her.

”No… I’m sorry Mr…”

I interrupted her: ”It’s still Damon,” I smiled.

”Okay. I’m still Melissa then,” she smiled back.

”This isn’t the last you’ll see of me, forbidden fruit or not,” I said, and send her a sexy smile. I opened the door, and left the room, without looking back.


Melissa’s Point Of View


My cheeks were still burning, I knew that. But I didn’t care.

He’d kissed me. He’d said I was special. He had said this wasn’t the last time he’d do this, forbidden fruit or not.

Or, he didn’t exactly say that, but it kind of laid in the words.

I didn’t care if he was forbidden either. I felt like he could make my life worth it again.

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