Endnu et digt jeg fandt på, da jeg skulle til at sove. Er åbentbart mest kreativ der.
Jeg ved ikke om det handler om jalouxi, kærlighed eller noget andet. Kun at det er om mig og min gamle klasse.


1. Butterflies.


I’m in a crowd of a thousand

But still I stand out.

My black-grey wings

Are nothing compared to theirs.

So colorful, so bright

Like the smiles on their faces

As they fly towards the Rainbow

So high held up in the Sky.

But I, I cry

And my tears are falling down.

So soft falling

But so hard it landed on the Ground

And I, I’m falling too.

So slow, so fast

So far away from You.

Just one single last look

At their beauty, at their smiles.

I hope the Pain won’t last too long

As I close my eyes.

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