Close To Reality

What happens when world turns upside down, and happiness becomes a memory? This is a little text that i wrote for school - i hope you like it..


1. Close To Reality

It had not always been like this. Once - in an other world, in a world that could have been half a century ago - I had known happiness, kindness and love, but none of those things exist in this darkness.

Sometimes I look back in my life, trying to remember the feeling of being loved, it's  difficult, and the drugs only make it  harder, but it's my only way to escape. Escape from the life my mums new boyfriend has created. A life in a violent world with criminals everywhere, and now.. Now I'm a criminal myself, too deeply involved in the market of drugs and crimes. I will always be a part of that market; I don't know the way out of this darkness, I need help, but who can help me, without putting me in jail? I don't know the way out of the market, I don't know the way out of the darkness, and I don't know a smart way of escaping. The only thing I really know, the only thing i can do, and the only thing i am doing, is this..

I sighed. This was too close to reality, it was reality - my reality and i don't like reality. I escaped - in my way. I pressed the needle into my arm and sighed in relief...

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