Witchcraft - Færdig

Dette er min første novelle på engelsk, og jeg vil faktisk gerne vide hvad i synes. Selvom mit sprog ikke er helt godt xD

Alisha is a teenager girl, who just moved to a new town. But not any teenagegirl. 'Cause Alisha is a witch, just like the rest of her family. And with that follows some responsibilities.


12. The New Guy

At Damon’s place, we mostly kissed. And when I got home, I pretended I had been investigating all the afternoon, and I hadn’t found anything.
But the next day at school, something interesting happened.
There was a new guy, named Nick. His hair was black, and his eyes too.
He was a loner, and didn’t talk to anyone. I know, ’cause I stalked him all day.
He looked like the vampire I’d seen. The one who killed/didn’t kill Braya.
I followed him home. He lived alone, it seemed, in a very dark and closed house. It had ’Private’ written on everything. Not literally of course, but you could see how unwelcoming he would be if you showed up. He didn’t want anyone to know him.
When he got home, he didn’t go out until sundown. But at Twilight, he showed himself again, and went for a walk. It didn’t seem to have any purpose, except if he’d seen me, and tried to make me tired, or even more bored than I was already. I wanted to call Damen. I already missed him, even though I’d been with him all day at school.
We didn’t meet anyone on our little trip, but when we got back, he hurried into his house. The lights was on all night. And I fell a sleep at 4 in the morning, behind a couple of trees on the other side of the road.
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