Witchcraft - Færdig

Dette er min første novelle på engelsk, og jeg vil faktisk gerne vide hvad i synes. Selvom mit sprog ikke er helt godt xD

Alisha is a teenager girl, who just moved to a new town. But not any teenagegirl. 'Cause Alisha is a witch, just like the rest of her family. And with that follows some responsibilities.


5. The Date

I got out of the house right in time, to see a black Mercedes with privacy glass turning down the road. And I instantly knew it was his.
And of course I was right.
He stopped the car in front of me, and opened the door in the passenger side.
“Jump in,” he said, with a dark, mysterious, and all too sexy voice.
But I listened anyway, and got inside the car. In the minute I was there, besides him, everything felt so right, warm and… Perfect.
It’s was the strangest feeling I had ever felt, and I loved it. If that was what it was like to be with him, I would never leave his side again.
“Hi,” I mumbled, and sent him a shy smile.
“Hey,” he said, and smiled dazzling.
“Where are we going?” I asked, to start a conversation. I already knew where we were going.
“Actually, I’m glad you ask, ‘cause I thought about changing the plans a little. And graph some dinner before we go to the movies. If it’s okay with you, of course?” he asked.
I thought it through. If we graphed dinner first, I wouldn’t be able to make it home before the night fell. But did it really matter? I was a witch; I could take care of myself.
“Okay, let’s do it,” I answered, and smiled at him.
“Great,” he said, and smiled back at me.
We drove in silence for a while.
Nerves from my side. Lack of interest from his, I guess.
“Where do you want to eat,” he asked, looking everywhere else than the road.
“Eh... Actually, I’m quite new in town, and I don’t know where you can eat,” I said, quite insecure, if he’d think I was total bimbo.
“Oh, we’re not eating in town. You can’t find anything to eat in this town. Or a cinema. Here’s nothing,” he laughed. His laughter was contagious, and soon I laughed with him.
“So, where a we going then?” I asked, I tried to look like I had an idea about where we actually could go from here.
“Mellsville I think. They have a cinema, and some restaurants. And it’s just at the other side of the woods.”
“I thought you were new in town?” The confusion was clear in my face.
“I am. But I’m quite fascinated by small-towns. I’ve lived in Mellsville too. Before my parents died. Or, when my parents died…” he ended up mumbling.
“I’m… sorry…” I whispered, speechless.
“It’s okay. It’s a long time ago, no need to talk about them,” He smiled at me as he said it, but his eyes were devastatingly sad.
“We’re here. Where are we eating?” He asked, and changed the subject.
“Wherever you want to. I’m not fastidious,” I said, most of all because I still had no idea about where we could eat.
“Then, let’s go for some Chinese,” he smiled.
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