Witchcraft - Færdig

Dette er min første novelle på engelsk, og jeg vil faktisk gerne vide hvad i synes. Selvom mit sprog ikke er helt godt xD

Alisha is a teenager girl, who just moved to a new town. But not any teenagegirl. 'Cause Alisha is a witch, just like the rest of her family. And with that follows some responsibilities.


8. Investigating

I know you probably think I’m crazy. I wouldn’t get anything out of it, and it seemed hard, dangerous, and yeah… As a lot of pressure.
But it seemed exiting too. I’d never investigated anything before, and it was… Weird. But a good weird.
”You said it was a vampire… But are you sure they really exist?” I asked the police officer. I already knew they existed. I was just testing him.
”Yes, I’m positive. I’ve seen one,” he answered, and his eyes grew dark.
”Okay. Then I’ll try to find him. Or her… I’ll try to find it,” I promised.
So I tried. I went through the town, it wasn’t big, and it didn’t even take an hour on foot. And when the night fell, I actually saw something.
A shade of someone. A person. It was definitely a guy, and he was wearing a hoodie. He looked familiar in a strange way. Like I’d seen him before, but many years ago. It was weird, ’cause this was the first time I had ever got to know anyone.
I followed the shade as he walked through first the twilight, later the night.
And then I stopped. Because I saw Braya, walking towards the shade. She didn’t seem to notice him, but he was watching her.
And then, out of nothing he jumped towards her, and ripped out her throat. He drank her blood. Now I’d found the vampire. And I had no idea how to catch him. And not to forget… Braya was dead. I tried not to scream, I really did. But I couldn’t help it. I screamed. He turned he head in slowmotion, and I ran. I turned around, and ran like hell.
I kept running. And I could feel him right behind me. And then I remembered that he was a vampire. He knew about magic and supernatural powers. So I took the first, the best spell, and threw it back, towards him. It threw him meters back, and I kept running. I turned around a corner, and down another street. And it was here, in the middle of the street, hunted by a vampire and scared like hell, Damen showed up.

Or, I ran straight into him. We both fell, and I was terrified, that it was the vampire. But it was just Damen. Relaxed and smiling.
He was wearing a white shirt and jeans, and looked like a pure Prince Charming.
”Hello beautiful,” he said, and the sound of his voice was enough to calm me down. With him I felt safe.
”Hi,” I answered, out of breath because of the run… And his breathtaking look.
”Where are you going? Or, where were you going, before you ran into me?” he smiled, and blinked at me.
”Just home,” I said. I could breathe again, and that made me sound more convincing, than if I still were out of breath, and sounded like a hunted animal.
”Okay. But now, you’re going with me home,” he said, and made it clear that it wasn’t up for discussion.
”Okay,” I said optimistically.
And then we walked the ten meters to his car, got in to it, and drove to his house. He lived alone, I already knew that.
His house were light and open. I loved it. Me family could never live in a house like that. It didn’t hide enough, so we’d have to pretend to be humans every single hour of the day. We couldn’t do that.
But no matter what, I loved it.
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