Witchcraft - Færdig

Dette er min første novelle på engelsk, og jeg vil faktisk gerne vide hvad i synes. Selvom mit sprog ikke er helt godt xD

Alisha is a teenager girl, who just moved to a new town. But not any teenagegirl. 'Cause Alisha is a witch, just like the rest of her family. And with that follows some responsibilities.


2. How To Make Friends. And Get A Crush

The vacation was fine. Or, it was, like I’d expect it to be. A little busy, but it could be worse. It had been worse before.
But then school started. Always a living nightmare, but hey… I’m used to it. Or, I thought I was. But… This time it was different. I didn’t feel like an outsider. I had to try to be one. And I felt so tempted, not to try. I could be a part of the place, the crew. I could live.
So… Okay I’ll admit. I gave in.
I couldn’t resist it. Just this once, to live.
So I made a couple of friends. Two girls and a boy, that I was with all the time.
The girls were best friends, but they didn’t seem to be jealous when I spend a lot of time with one of them. I loved them for that. The boy was normally a loner, but because I am to, we fitted.
So they were my friends. Braya, Selena and Mick.
And then there was this boy. Beautiful as god damn hell, and new in town, just like me. And I really liked him. He was sweet, and kind, and friendly. And god damn hot! He had this beautiful, blond, almost white hair, and seriously pretty purple eyes. Yes, you heard right; Purple eyes!
And I’ll admit it. Even though I didn’t mean to, I fell in love. Deeply. Even before I said a word to the guy I liked him. And when he talked to me, once I English-class, he started growing on me.
And all he said was hi, when I bumped in to him at the teacher’s desk. Nothing special. But the sound of his voice was enough to make my heart race.
I think I answered… But I’m not quite sure. In a way, I don’t hope I did, ‘cause it would be too risky. But anyway. That day I was with my new friends at lunch. And of course I asked them about this boy, with his magical impact on me.
But nobody knew anything about him. At all. Except his name of course. His name was Damen. Not Damon or Damien, but Damen. And I just loved that name.
“Don’t you guys know anything else about him? Anything!” I asked, almost desperately.
“Seriously Alisha, calm down, he’s just a guy,” Braya said, as Selena nodded approvingly.
But he wasn’t. Something was different about him. He was different. I had a feeling that he was like me… And I didn’t approve that. I don’t understand why. If he was like me, I could fall in love with him, as much as I wanted to, and I didn’t have to hide a part of me away from him. But I didn’t like it. Because deep down, I knew from the beginning that he wasn’t like me. He was different, just like I was. But he had this aura. This dark and mysterious aura.
I liked it, but I had no idea if it was a good thing.
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