Et digt jeg fandt på en aften da jeg skulle til at sove. Beklageligvis kunne jeg ikke huske det hele da jeg vågnede næste morgen, så det blev ikke så godt som jeg havde håbet.

1. Pain

Can you hear my pain?

Listen to it.

I'll cut your ears off.

One cut, two cuts.

One ear, two ears.


Can you see my pain?

Look at it.

I'll mash your eyes with forks.

One, two, three times.

One eye, two eyes.


Can you taste my pain?

Taste it.

I'll burn your tongue.

One flame, thousand flames.

For just one single tongue.


Can you smell my pain?

Smell it.

I'll put nails in your nose.

One nail, four nails.

If not many more.


Listen to my pain.

Look at it.

Taste it.

Smell it.


Can you feel my pain now?


I'll break your bones

and cut your veins open.

I'll rip your heart out.

Lots of bones, lots of veins.

Just one single heart.

Just one heart....




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