Friendship is a way to love

This is a small text I wrote about a special girl! This girl means the world to me, and I'm actually not so good to say that to her, so I wrote this text for and to her!

Enjoy, vote and comment if you want!
This is a text to one of the two English competitions ...

Hope you guys like it!


1. Friendship is a way to love

I love you, are big words.

You should only told people those three words, if you really mean them. Love is a big thing, and doesn’t come easily. You need to fight for it, and really fight till you reach your goal. When that feeling of love appear, remember it, because it might not feel the same way the next time.

I have a really good friend, and I’m not that good to express my feelings for her. Earlier this day, I found a quote, that I think, describe our friendship. “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” I try day and night, to find words, that could describe our friendship, but nothing is going through my mind. Nothing is going through my mind, not because my brain is empty, but because there’s too many words. Too many words that could describe my feelings for her.

But what is a friend exactly? I was searching for an answer on this question, and found a good one. A man from Greece, called Aristoteles once said; “What is a friend? A friend is a single soul in two bodies.” And I think he’s right. A friend is someone you trust with the bottom of your heart, and someone you care about, even if you’re far away from each other. Even if there’s miles between you. Even if the distance is so long, that you somehow think about if this friendship would last forever?

If you have a really good friend, like I have, then don’t let the person go away. Keep the faith, and trust each other, when one say, that this friendship is going to last forever. If someone is saying that, and really means it, then it’s going to last forever.


Don’t let your friends go, no matter what. Maybe there will be problems between you, but don’t let that ruin your memories, you have with each other. Don’t ever let anything ruin the memories.



“Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game…”

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