Shadows on my wall

She ran down the streets. Her stockings were torn apart, she was not able to run in her high heeled shoes. The shoes were dangling from her hand with her purse. A fine glittery one. She speeded up. New Year's Eve in such a hurry. I wonder why. I have contemplated this exact girl for about three months now. It is my job, but she does not know.


3. II

Train time... I hate it! Waste, I tell you. Waste of my very valuable time. My best friend, Devon, is with me. Hope his creepy friend did not join as well. I sat there beside Devon, my head on his shoulder. Suddenly the door to the compartment opened. Guess who. Yes, the lovely young man, who gets me to act like I was 16 again. He said “Hi” to Devon, and sat down on the opposite bench. Four hours more with him in a train? I will die! I shook my head, hoping it was a dream, or should I say nightmare. I said “What brings you here?” It was not meant to be rude, but when I had said it, it sounded rude. He looked at me and said “Wow, does she speak? Well, I heard of Devon’s plans and cared to join. I did not know I had to share him with you.” I have to be nice now? Forget it boy! The war has just started. I took Devon’s hand, and whispered quietly “Is he to stay with us all the time?” Devon just nodded. He should have known I disguise him. I don’t even know his name yet.

There I saw it! The shadow on the wall. My first thought was, not again! Then I thought that Devon’s mate might be afraid of my following shadows. My shadows, maybe this one time you can help me get rid of him. He freaks me out. Entering Berlin Hauptbahnhof. The train was finally here. All the way, I felt piercing glance from mysterious guy on the opposite side. I took my bags, and followed Devon out the train. I got surprised when somebody grabbed my bag. It was mysterious guy. I said “Not necessary”, but he ignored me purely. I was like fine, and got to Devon side. I took my arm under his, and said “He freaks me out Devon!” Devon just nodded, and said “I know. Try to get to know him. He is really sweet. Yoy might even like him” I laughed. Me, should I like a guy who gets me to run? No, I don’t think so! We walked in silence. Comfortable silence.

We finally reached our new apartment. Two rooms, a kitchen and a lovely bathroom were the entire apartment. Devon said “We have a living room and one bedroom. Nobody sleeps in the living room” Great, now I was being forced to sleep in the same room as he. I said to Devon “My shadow has followed”

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