One sided love

Jeg kunne simpelt hen ikke holde det ud mere og måtte bare skrive det ned!


1. One sided love

Even though I've just met you

It feels like forever

My love to you is so big that my heart hurts

I'm getting love sick... heart sick

It feels like I'm going to throw up

A disgusting but warm feeling

My stomach hurts

I'm trembling every time I hear you

We're thousands and thousands miles apart

But still, it feels so close

It's hard for me to write this down

Cause the feelings are so big

I see you every day

You've made my life happier

I still remember the first time I heard you

I'm hearing it again

It warms my heart

I feel like crying when I read this

But I can't stop smiling

Cause I'm hearing your voice, while I'm writing this

I know it's just a crush

But, damn, I hate this feeling

I want to hold you

I want to kiss you

I want to hear your voice

I want to see you every day

But still

I can't take these feelings

It's so... crazy

How could I fall in love with you after just 3 minutes and 59 seconds?

I really do love you

But this is just a one sided love

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