Blood on the Dance Floor fan-fiction

En lille fan-fiction skrevet ud fra en drøm jeg havde for et års tid siden.
Laura er en pige omkring de 16-17 år som får muligheden for at møde sine største idoler, men der var dog en pris at betale. Laura er biseksuel og dater en pige ved navn Andy. De deler mange interesser, bland andet yndlingsbandet Blood on the Dance Floor. Da Andy bliver syg med lungekræft gør Laura hvad hun kan for at få bandet til Danmark.


2. Months with cancer

Andie got in and out of the hospital all the time, I visited her every day. I really didn’t pay much attention to school and the teachers didn’t interfere. One day Andie called me during class. Why would she call when she knew that I’ve got classes? I didn’t get to pick up the phone so I asked if I could use the bathroom and went out to call her. “Please come visit me sweetie! I miss you so much and I need to talk to you...” the last sentence fated in the end. She sounded so small and fragile in my ear, and then she hung up. Tears ran over my cheeks and my hands shook when I opened the door to the class room. My teacher stopped talking and looked at me with that caring face of hers. I walked insecure to my seat and started packing my bag together. I really couldn’t by myself because my hands shook so much that I dropped my books on the floor. “What is the matter Laura?” my teacher asked. I didn’t want to talk. I knew that if I did I would start to sob. But she kept asking and asked one of my friends to help me pack my bag. I guess she already knew what my problem was about. Finally I got my act together enough to at least speak for a few seconds: “I... It’s Andie... she... she wa, wa, wanted me to come visit her. Sh... she sounded so... serious,” the last word came out in a half whisper, half cry. I got all the pitiful looks from the class mates – they knew all about me and Andies relationship. Then I just ran out of the door, having to catch the bus. I called my mum, telling her that I was going to the hospital and what had happened. She had been a really great help through all of this, but mum always is. She’s like my personal shrink and she does it for free. She promised to come pick me up when I was done at the hospital.

At the hospital Andie waited for me with a smile. I hurried over and gave her a big kiss. I tried to stay calm and talk normally with her, but it was really hard when you knew something was not right. But we talked for half an hour about school and random stuff. Then she got serious: “I only got half a year left, Laura. The doctors just announced that. The worst thing about it is that I didn’t get to America and watch Blood on the Dance Floor with you. I can’t fly you know, when I’m sick. So daddy had to cancel the flight tickets,” she said and began to sob a little. I knew how much that gift had meant to her. I had given 3000 kr. - to that gift so that we could go there together. But like she said, she couldn’t travel like that. Tears began to stream down my cheeks again and I embraced her in the bed and we both cried. I never thought my life would suck this much. My love was going to die and her life had just started. “Laura? Can you please sing Believe  for me?” I nodded and cleared my throat and eyes. It was dead quiet in the white and cold hospital room while I searched in my bag for my IPod. Finally I found it and my voice broke the stillness. Andie hummed with me and smiled while I sang with everything I got. Tears streamed down my cheeks while I sang but my voice was clear as I sang.

When my mum came to pick me up I knew what to do. It was clear as light. So when I got home I rushed to my computer. Facebook was open in a second and I was on Jayy Von Monroe’s site. For a minute I stared dreamy on his picture.He was the one who’d brought Andie and me together. Andie really adored him and I couldn’t say that I didn’t. He was so cute and hot and cool and pretty and GAY. I sighed and went back to what I was supposed to; writing a message to Jayy:

Dear Mr. Monroe. I have a request for you and Dahvie. I know it’s much to ask and that this is none of your business, and that you might not even care, but my girlfriend is at the hospital because she’s got cancer, she got 6 months left in this world and her only wish is to see you guys live. But since you wouldn’t come to Denmark and perform for us, her family and I gave her a gift, we wanted to take a trip to the states just to watch you. But now she’s too ill to travel so we had to cancel. So basically what I’m asking for is for you guys to come to Denmark and perform for us. Please? I know a bunch of people, 331 to be precise, who wants’ to see you guys and even if I have to work my ass off, I’ll gladly pay much of the concert, because this really means everything to me. She’s my love and I want her to experience this before she passes away. I really hope that you’ll at least consider what I’m asking for. With love, Laura

I read it through once and pressed the “send” button. Now I just had to withstand the wait. A few days passed by, I was on the hospital every day after school with Andie. We listened to Blood on the Dance Floor and watched anime series, just like when we started dating. But this time it just felt wrong. Andie had stopped laughing, which was sad because that was one of her good qualities; that she always laughed. When I left the hospital in the night I always had this feeling of wanting to puke. It was disgusting. I started walking a lot in the evenings. Jayy hadn’t answered me and I was starting to get a little pissed with him. One day I got home from the hospital a little late and someone had written in my inbox, my heart skipped a beat. I clicked on the little red sign and I was filled with joy. Jayy had actually answered my message! I read it five times before I really understood what he was actually saying in the letter:

Dear Laura. I’m really sorry to hear about your friend :(. I talked it over with Dahvie and we decided that 331 fans are enough for us ;) and in this case we want to do it for your friend. You don’t have to pay anything for us, but I have to say that I’m really impressed and touched that you would do this much for your friend. You must really love her. It’s so sad that live have to be this way, but Dahvie and I will make your friends wish come true. I hope that you’ll be coming to our concert as well, because I want to meet the girl with the big heart :). We’re still not quite sure when we’ll be coming to Denmark but it’ll be before the summer starts. I’ll write to you once we’ve agreed on a date. With love, Jayy.

My heart was racing. I was in touch with Mr. Jayy Von Monroe, none the less! A little scream skipped from my lips and I was racing around the house, my hands in the air. My mum and dad looked at me like I was going crazy and I told them what Mr. Jayy had written to me. Then I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I was really looking forward to tell Andie this.

The day after, I really couldn’t wait for school to be over. I was so excited, breaking the news to my beloved one. Just the thought of seeing her face when I told her made me chuckle. My friends noticed that I was in an abnormally good mood. Some commented it and just before school ended I broke the news to them: “Guess what guys? I just spoke with Mr. Jayy Von Monroe on Facebook and he just told me that BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR – you heard right! – would come to Denmark before summer starts!” I said smiling all over my face. Then the whole class just screamed and went completely nuts. Everyone was laughing and screaming, some even sang some of their songs. My smile widened but in a second I remembered what I had to do and that I was in a hurry. I packed my bag and ran out of the class to catch the next bus. Then someone called my name, I turned around and saw Alexander – my brothers best friend – waving at me. I stopped and tried to tell him with my arms that I was in a hurry and then I turned around again and began to run. Then someone caught my arm and we nearly fell both of us. My heart pounded as I saw the bus drive away. I turned around and yelled: “You better have a DEADKILLING good reason to stop me right before the bus is off!” when I realised it was Alexander standing in front of me. It had always been weird between Alexander and me. I guess I’m a little bit in love with him, but it would never get serious. I loved Andie, she was my whole world. Plus, like I said: Alexander was my brother’s best friend, which means that it would be really awkward if anything happened. He blushed and he’s eyes went to the ground immediately. “... You could... With me... Hospital... Anyway,” he mumbled and I only heard fragments of what it was. I cleared my throat and looked at him. “Excuse me, but what did you say?” He looked up at me and blushed once again. Wow, he’d never been the shy type of guy, this was really awkward. “I’m sorry; I guess I was just shocked when you yelled at me. But anyway, I’m heading to a place near the hospital and thought that it was a lot faster for you to go with me than taking the stupid bus, since I’m having a scooter you know,” and then he smiled he’s normal cheesy smile. I just laughed and thanked him, “and oh, I’m sorry for yelling at you before,” I had to remember apologizing for that weird moment. We went to his scooter and he got up and waited for me to do the same. Somehow I was nervous. I had never done this kind of stuff before and I had to put my arms around him too. WEIRD! But I convinced myself that it was ok and got up. He turned on the scooter and started driving away from the school. Alexander was SO cool on this scooter. He drove really fast and I had to hide behind his back, so I was cuddling to his warm coat. Somehow the long lasting winter didn’t seem so cold anymore. When we were at the hospital I almost sighed, it had been such a nice ride and a part of me didn’t want to leave Alexander and he’s scooter, but I had to. I had a very important appointment. And I had a girlfriend for crying out loud! I just smiled and waved at him when I went inside the hospital. Now I had to make my beloved one’s world perfect.

“WHAT?!” Andie screamed with joy. I just smiled and enjoyed seeing her happy and joyful. She was really beautiful. We sang a few songs by Blood on the Dance Floor and the moment was just perfect. I had almost forgotten about the cancer and the sad moments when she suddenly cleared her throat. Oh no, something bad was coming up. But I was wrong, this time it wasn’t the case, she told me that she felt great and that the doctors said she could go home tonight. But the moment she felt bad, she had to come back to the hospital. This was just the perfect day. Right now my life was in bliss and I wanted it to stay like that for just a moment. Then we had to go shop a wig for her – the chemo made her hair fall off. I was so glad that I had saved up a lot of money for emergencies like these. We skipped school the day after and went shopping necessities like a wig for my stunning girlfriend. In the end we ended up buying one with short hair she could style herself. She wanted it Jayy Von Monroe style she said. We had so much fun that day. Of course she wasn’t full of energy as she had been before the cancer, but she was joyful and it was almost as we were back to normal.

A few months past and of course Andie had to visit the hospital regularly for checkups and chemo and stuff, but beside that she was actually fine. I talked a little with Jayy over Facebook – he had send a friend request so we could chat instead, when he was on – and he told me that march the 26th they would come to Roskilde and if I’d help them get a nice hotel room and that sort of stuff, they would give us V.I.P passes for the concert the 30th. Of course I would help, who did he think I was? Now Andie and I just had to endure the wait and be patient. We were one month away and we acted as if we were stoned, one month? Who could have believed that? The whole class was bussing of excitement and of course they all had tickets. Andie and I had to wait for the day they showed up in Roskilde. I was a bit nervous about that, not that I didn’t trust them – but you never know. Two weeks before they arrived, Andie got worse and I thought we had to cancel the whole thing. The whole world turned dark again and I sunk back into my peep hole and just watched as the days passed by. The day before the guys showed up, Andie got a lot better. She began to smile again and the doctor said she could leave the hospital. But I had to promise that she didn’t get too wild at the concert.

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