Blood on the Dance Floor fan-fiction

En lille fan-fiction skrevet ud fra en drøm jeg havde for et års tid siden.
Laura er en pige omkring de 16-17 år som får muligheden for at møde sine største idoler, men der var dog en pris at betale. Laura er biseksuel og dater en pige ved navn Andy. De deler mange interesser, bland andet yndlingsbandet Blood on the Dance Floor. Da Andy bliver syg med lungekræft gør Laura hvad hun kan for at få bandet til Danmark.


8. Being Pregnant

Finally was the day that I had to travel home. I cried a lot and didn’t want to leave, but I had to. I still hadn’t told Jayy about the pregnancy though I knew I had to. Jayy was acting very strange that day; he yelled and was pretty angry. When we reached the airport he was all quiet and gloomy. Dahvie and Tracy said goodbye as I was about to leave for the plain but Jayy didn’t say anything. “Uhm… Goodbye honey, love you too?...” I said sarcastically to him but he looked the other way. “How can you just leave me? HOW CAN YOU JUST LEAVE ME?! You don’t love me do you? I know why you’ve been hiding and absent the last month: because you didn’t have the goods to tell me you didn’t love me anymore! So go home! Just leave me!” he yelled with a fierce voice. He thought I didn’t love him. Something in my expression must have made him change his mind because suddenly he got stiff. I felt burning tears down my cheeks but suddenly rage exploded inside me. “You’re SO stupid! Here I am about to leave and you won’t even say goodbye?! YEAH I LOVE YOU! But just to let you know: I chickened ok?! I chickened because I didn’t want to ruin your life! I cared so much for your happiness that I couldn’t bear to tell you that the fun is over! I’m pregnant Jayy! For God’s sake! And it gets even better: WITH TWINCE! Now if you’ll excuse me; I’ve got a plane to catch! And don’t you even bother with this information – I’d rather you stayed away than blaming this on me!” I spat right back and turned on my heel to run away from his scared and surprised expression.

I cried the whole way home. For 12 hours I just cried. When my mum came to pick me up I still cried and she hugged me tightly. All of this had been a big mess but I didn’t regret any of it. I knew I was going to get two adorable children and I was going to love them no matter what. Jayy kept calling me or texting me but I refused to answer – it would only hurt me more than it did now. I began in my old school again as the pregnant girl. I couldn’t hide it anymore. For 6 months I went to school with a bigger and bigger stomach. I ate more and peed more. I talked with Tracy once in a while – she would come visit me when I was due for birth. We had arranged that she would come a week before I graduated which was soon. She only mentioned Jayy once, but when I started crying she knew that I didn’t refuse to talk with him out of anger or hate, but because he had hurt me bad. On the day we had to pick up Tracy I felt really bad. It was 3 hours before we had to pick her up at the airport. My stomach hurt and my back did too. My mum told me I was in labor and I had to go to the hospital immediately. We drove over there and it got worse. My mum called Tracy and leaved a message about what happened. I had never experienced pain this bad. I just wanted it to stop. I don’t know how long I waited but it felt like forever. Then suddenly Tracy and Dahvie were with me. Then Tracy told me something that made me happy and hurt at the same time: “honey, Jayy is here… I’m sorry I tried to tell him to stay home but he refused. He kept saying he loved you and that this was his children too. He’s standing right outside, can he come in?” I just nodded. I didn’t care anymore and like he said: this was his children too. He came in but he just stared at me. I couldn’t see anything for tears. Then it was my time to give birth. Jayy and my mum were the only ones allowed to be at the surgery. It felt like a watermelon was coming out of me and I remember screaming of pain. I held two hands and remember both of them flinching. Suddenly the doctor spoke to me but I was about to press once more and then I heard a little baby cry. I cried myself. Of pain and of happiness. Then I had to begin pressing again. Then I heard Jayy saying: “it’s a boy,” in my ear and that gave me the last kick to use what was left of my energy to press the other baby out. With a last scream of pain I felt it plop right out of me and then I swayed between sleeping and being awake. Again I heard Jayy’s voice: “and a girl,” and I cracked a smile. Then I passed out.

I woke up because it felt like I had been sitting on a thousand pieces of glass. I gasped of pain but then someone stroke my for-head. I opened my eyes and saw my mum sitting with a little blue clump in her arms. “See, your mummy is awake,” she said making the typical voice you use when you talk to a baby. I stretched and sat up. Then I saw Jayy was sitting on the other side of my bed with a little pink clump. He smiled nervously at me. “Here sweetie, take your son,” my mum said and handed the blue clump over to me. Then she left us alone as I looked down at the little miracle in my arms. He was beautiful and cute. He looked up at me with serious blue eyes. He was adorable and I couldn’t help but smiling. Then I heard Jayy clear his throat. “Look… I’m sorry I just came here without notice and I’m really sorry how I yelled at you the day you leaved… I was so stupid… Why didn’t you tell me? I could’ve helped you! And I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I missed you so much! I kept thinking about you and the babies and I wondered all the time how you were doing. You didn’t answer my calls and I panicked! I’m sorry,” he said almost crying. Then the baby girl began moving in his arms. He smiled down at her and tucked her in. She mumbled something like babies do and I couldn’t help but laugh. Then Jayy looked at me with serious eyes. “I’ve thought of names for these little babies… uhm… You know; I thought the boy could be named David after Dahvie – he’s my best friend. And then the girl could be named… Andie, you know…” he said and his voice broke off. I smiled at him. Though I had been so sorry for everything; he saved me once again. I couldn’t think of a better person to fall in love with – of course Andie was the exception. Then I felt a tiny little hand on my breast. I hugged the little David tight to me and leaned towards Jayy. Our lips met in a burning kiss.


The End.

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