Americas Best Dance Crew (JDB)

Whitney Sqared, lives in a ghetto place far from the city.
Many in the small town is not so good company.
And Whitney she smokes, takes drugs and committing criminal likeeveryone else.
But what she and her friends have in common is that they love to dance.
And they are really good. As good as they are they enter themselves into local competitions. But they have never won anything. Until one day where they meet a boy, not quite like everyone else. he becomes a fourth member of their group. Yet there is something mysterious about the boy, and soon they will figere it out.


1. Americas Best Dance Crew

"Go Whitney" Katie yelled. She was one of my dance buddies.
I smiled and did the best dance moves I was capable of.
Out of my eye corner I saw some people stop and looked a little closer and others didn’t border.
Me and my "dance crew" stood and did over best dance moves on a street,
In a little town away from where we lived.
While we were trying to earn a little money.
Our team bestow of me, Whitney Green of course.
Because I loved to dance I had made a dance crew, with a little help from my friends.
Also in the group, Alison McCartney, a really quiet girl who nearly spook, but defiantly had dancing skills.
Kimberly Smith was also a member of the group.
Actually the newest member, she had only been in the group for about a month of two.
And that’s why we don’t comment on how she dances.
Course Kimberly yeah how do I explain it...? She is very, and I repeat very clumsy.
But with a little help I’m sure she will be great.
The last member of over precious group there is the lovely, Katie Palms which is my best friend. When people look at us they don’t believe that we are best friends, because me I am totally natural don’t where much makeup and don’t really mind what close I put on.
But Katie, she is a punker. Yes a punker. Where’s really dark makeup and ONLY black close.
Once To her birthday I gave her a pink shirt and... Yeah you don`t want to know what happened. But despite of that she is the kindest sweetest generous person you will ever meet. Just don`t buy her pink then hell break loose.
“Whitney” a small voice yelled.
I looked up and saw Kimberly really close in my face with those big green eyes of hers.
“Yes” I said and smiled.
“Look she said and pointed a little away from where we were standing.
I went a little closer and saw a poster.
This is what it said:
“Is your dream to become a big famous dance crew? Or do you just love to dance? Then Americas Best Dance Crew something for you! Just sign up the nearest marked in your town. And you’ll may have a chance to enter and come on TV.
I gasped and said “This is it girls, this is what we have been waiting for! This is over chance to show the world what we got” I looked around and saw Katie and Kimberly nod.
And only Allison was doubting. “Are we really ready for this?” she asked with her tiny little voice.
“Yes I said we are ready”
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