i know what you did last winter


1. confession

You have never heard a story like this one.
Michael just woke up, and went to brush his teeth. “Are you awake” yelled his mom. ”Yes”. “Good, now come down here and get some breakfast”. Michael finishes brushing his teethes, and walks into the kitchen. ” Good morning Mich…. OH GOD, GO TO YOUR ROOM AND GET SOME CLOTHES ON”. “Oookay”. Michael walks into his room to get dressed, but when gets in he sees a dead cat on his pillow with a note taped to it. The note says: I know what you did last winter, confess to everyone, or you will regret it. Michael panics and throws the dead cat out the window, and puts the note under his bed. Michael gets dressed, and walks to the kitchen. “Now there is no time for you to get breakfast, go get ready for school”. “But I’m hungry”. “That’s not my problem, you could just put on some damn clothes before you go into the kitchen”. “Why don’t you just kill me now, rather than starve me to death”. “I like it when you feel a lot of pain”. “…………”. “I’m just kidding, now go get ready for school”. “Okay”. Michael gets ready for school, but in his left shoe he finds a dead rat. Michael is getting nervous, he is afraid something is going to happen at his school. When Michael gets to his school, he can't find anybody. He looks almost everywhere, but when he gets to the gym, he gets really scared. In the gym, every student and teacher is killed and just thrown in there. Michael runs home, but when he comes home his mom and dad, is killed and stuffed into their stove. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”. Michael looks around the kitchen, and suddenly a note appears on the kitchen table. The note says; you took too long, to confess, so now I will make you suffer. Michael gets really scared, and runs to the Nabors house but when he gets there they were killed and stuffed into the fridge. “Can you tell me what I did last winter, because I don’t really remember much!”. Then a new note appears, on the Nabors kitchen table. The note says: YOU KILLED ME! “Who are you?”. Then some more text appeared on the note: I’m the snowman you build, and then smashed with a bat. Suddenly Michael feels something hitting him softly on the arm, it feels like it’s a bat that’s hitting him, but when he looks, there is nothing there, but he can still feel it. The hitting is slightly getting harder, and is slowly moving towards his head. Michael tries to run from it, but he couldn’t run away from it. Suddenly it hits so hard that it crushes his skull and kills him.
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