a jolly christmas


1. Ho ho ho........

It was Christmas Eve many years ago. I was just a little boy back then. My mom and dad were at our Nabors house to say merry Christmas, so I was home alone with my brother. We had sent our letters to Santa. We were so exited for tomorrow that we almost peed ourselves. But suddenly a man smashed our door open and cut my arm off. As it was lying on the floor, my brother had already run to the kitchen and got a knife, he stabbed the man in the stomach and he fell to the ground. As he lay there bleeding on the floor my brother stabbed him several times in the head to assure he was dead. I woke up at 2 o’clock at night, and then I walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. But when I came down from my room I heard my brother scream, it came from the living room. A weird looking man was torturing my brother, I tried to stop him but he just pushed me away. He cut of my brother’s leg and blended it all, he drank it with a grin on his face. Then he cashed after me, I tried to yell for help, but nobody answered. I fell and he took me by my ankles, and lifted me up. He saw I missed an arm, and I think he knew why. But I couldn’t see his face, because he had a mask on, he had a long white beard, and he was pretty fat. I began to think he might be Santa, but why would Santa do such a thing. He threw me on the floor, and walked over to my brother. he had a suit case with him, and put him in there. The man ran to the fireplace, and up the chimney he went, with my brother in his suitcase, for me to never see again. The next day I was early up, opened up my presents, and it really gave me a shock. All my presents were filled with little pieces off my brother, I began to cry, but then I suddenly laughed. I don’t know why I just know I did. But from that day on, I swore I would get my revenge on Santa, even if it would take my whole life.
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