The Little Girl

En engelsk julehistorie jeg skulle lave.
Det skulle være et eventyr, og jeg fik 12 for den (-:

Bare sig hvad du selv synes om den.


1. The little girl.

Once upon a time on Christmas Eve a little girl was walking around on a street in a small town. It was snowing, and the weather was bitterly cold. She was freezing, because the dress she was wear-ing was tattered, her shoes were leaky, and she didn’t have a coat.
Her mother died, when she was three years old, and she had lived on the street since. She was now seven years old.
She had always dreamed of celebrating Christmas Eve with a family, even though it might not be with her own family. She wanted to dance around a Christmas tree and get a present with her own doll inside. A doll she could dress up. But all those things she wanted, was just a dream. How could it become real?
She was walking on the street, and she came to an alley. She decided to look after a place to sleep for the night, and the alley was a good place, because there weren’t any people there. While she was looking, a low, strange voice suddenly said:
“Who are you?” It came from a corner. She didn’t say anything. She was a bit scared. She took courage and went closer to where the sound came from.
It was almost dark, so she couldn’t see anything, but she could hear someone breathe quietly. It had to be a person, so she said:
“I’m just a little girl, I don’t have a name.” She said it with a low voice, because she wasn’t comfortable with the situation.
“Why don’t you have a name?” asked the voice again. The voice was now a bit deeper, and she could hear, it was a man.
“I don’t know,” she said with a trembling voice. Why did he want to know her name?
Suddenly a big light turned on from a lamppost, and she could see the man. It wasn’t a man, but it looked like a pixie. She had heard about them before, and she knew, they worked for Santa.
“Are you a pixie?” she asked.
“Yes,” he said. The pixie was old. It had a long beard and he was wearing a red pixie hat, a red suit and black clogs. She sat down beside him and took some bread out of her pocket, because she was feeling hungry.
“I have an offer for you. If you share some of the bread with me, I will give you three wishes. I can conjure,” he said.
“Okay, here,” she said and gave him some bread. When they had eaten the bread, the old pixie asked:
“So what is your first wish?”
“I wish, I could spend Christmas Eve with a family. That’s my only wish. I don’t need more than that,” she answered him. “Just save the two other wishes.”
He made her one wish come true, and she spent her first Christmas with a family. She stayed with the family, and she lived happily ever after.
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