dont look on me like that


1. dont look like that on me

Don`t look like that at me,
Don`t look like me like i em one of them.
Don`t look one me like i have stab you a hundret times in the back end left you to suffer.
Look at me like you love me, and known for about a year and you can not live whitout me.
Don`t see me for what i done see me foor who i am, lied i try too only see you foor you.

A part of me wich, taht i just could forget the pat, unsee what i have seen, unhere what i have herd.
But i dont want to forget it all, i dont want to forget us, and have we taked care of itger.
And i dont whant to forget when it all was fuckt, and you toke me and hold me cooly to you body, and i lookt up in too your ice, and know taht this guy wuld never hurt me.
And this guy wuld beteckt me, this guy loves me.

i never forget you
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