days as homeless

about a girl, who"s left home an become homeless


2. days as homeless

On today's date, I am nineteen I stile live one the street and a got a job working ass a prostitute.
A lot of humans will think prostitute that not right that only for stubit people ho can´t use their head so they use their body.
But no matter what people might say about it I am very happy about it.
I get food, a get worm, and sometimes a place too sleep.
And believe me thats mean a hole of lot.
People walks right past homeless pretending to not see them, it so stupid just becomes your homeless you not any less kind of human.
People walks right past one, they all know that homelessness is a bad thing but very few people things more about it, they don't thing wares is that person gonna be tonight.
Is that person gonna live tomorrow, cores I tell you it is NOT safe to be homeless.
You can be attack, die from cold or a very empty belly or kidnap believe me a lot of homeless men and women get eight year kidnap or killed.
From well I have hard believing that a person could do that, I guess drunk people or insane people,
liking the man to a few years ago in Britain ho set homeless on fire,

people ends up one the streets of many resinds, like gambling debts, alcohol, drugs, economy that gonne totelly dead and divorce.
And itt not becores their bad humans, so people cuold stop theor stupid idaes and think stight.
I hope the pepole get a lot of love before they end up one the streets for i am telling you there is almost no love to find if your a homeless.
And i think then people get out of the streets and gets a plece to lived they wuold havde truble finding love, but i dont want to be wanna does people, i havde a it all figured out, i save money for a place to lived, so gonna learn how to be soisale and just be happy, i wanna have a god life that wey they will never get me.
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