days as homeless

about a girl, who"s left home an become homeless


1. days as homeless

I am sitting here on the street again people are walking right past me.
No one notice me, or rather pretend not to see me.
I remember the first time i was in this part of the city after I ran away.
I also remember the night I ran away so clear likes it was today.
The sun was raising and had been shining for some time, I woke up with a bad felling in my belly.
I knew that something would go wrong, so after school I took my little brother Sam to the park.
Wee had a great time playing and just be happy, a part of me witch that we could be there forever.
Just be happy me and my little brother playing and being kids for a times sake, not having to call 112 or cleaning over home from empty bottles.

But like the rest of the world continue, sadly so did over world and it when time to ones again go home.
My brother was very cried all the way home no one could blame him, al the things he had seen at home was not something for a seven year old boy should had seen or any child for that matter.
I try to explain to him have I always would be there for him and take care for him.
And no matter that will happen I will never let them get him.
Sure I feel pretty bad that I didn't kept that promise,
I don't know if I regret what I did too him.
in a way I did what a had too do but I hate myself from leaving him behind.
Like I was giving him to them, I fear what he must had seen and what they might have done to him after I left.

Wee wend home a Sam when eminently right in to his room, I attended too remove al the bottles from sleight while my giving me mother right in haw bad I was for the world and how everything was me fault.
My mom and step-dad is both deeply alcoholic, and have several times been violent to me and my brother but mostly me.
My mom gives me the gilt for everything bad in the world for example her drinking and her life is so bad.
So there is me step dad, he is the kind of human ho before to pretending it all had never happen and no one in the apparent drinks, but he have trouble whit it so he drinks to better to forget it.
Another person in the family ho could not be forgotten is Sam, I always protect him from them,
I did´ten want him to see what I had seen, I was all that he got and I was all that he got, plus he was the reason that I did´ten left a lot earlier.
And where was I in it all? Yes a was the one ho would call 112 other things like making food, cleaning and making sure me little brother was happy.
I don't know how I convince myself to leave but I know that it was the hardest thing I ever done and ever would do.
I guess that it I went too much I could take it any more, she had hit me for the last time, I had seen him cry for the very last time, and I had hit me step dad for the first and last time.

I took somethings with me and when out of the door and never turn back, just be-cores your only sixteen it do not mean that you cant take care of yourself.
So I jumpt one a train not knowing where I could go, but I desisted to go to Copenhagen.
I never willy decide that I would be a homeless I cind off just happen I hadn't money for a place to live.
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