Engelske digte.. Homemade. c:

Dette er et udpluk af de digte jeg skriver i min hverdag. De beskriver mine følelser, tanker og erindringer. Enjoy? <3


4. My light from the sky.

As I look through facebook
I see your name crossing the site.
Memories passes my thoughts
and a big thorn grows inside.
Though the thorn brings a rose so big and beautiful.
It dies a little more everyday
it's growing a hole.
So the hole
slowly and softly is killing my soul.
And the hole inside
gets way too wide.
Even my thoughts are having a fight.
Will you write, are you leaving me for good?
Thoughts I have, those thoughts I never should.
'Cause everytime you write
A light shows from the sky.
It gives me hope and faith
and the ability to fly.
But when I have to wait
The light turns away.
And all my hope and faith
gets impossible to stay.
So I'm falling down
My wings won't work anymore.
My heart is sore.
Where is my light from the sky?
I'm calling your name.
'Cause without you
I will never be the same.
So all my hope and faith
Is waiting for your call.
'Cause without you
I won't be living at all.

© Kamilla Lynge 2011
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