Engelske digte.. Homemade. c:

Dette er et udpluk af de digte jeg skriver i min hverdag. De beskriver mine følelser, tanker og erindringer. Enjoy? <3


2. My best friend.

I met a flower once, so beautiful it seemed.
I was so excited, because it was so sweet.
At the time I could hardly even dream
Of how important it would ever be to me.
I took care of it, fed it with all my love.
It made me smile all day, so incredible it was.
I went to see it every day, and told it all I had to say.
I listened to its stories, a pleasure it always was.
It made me feel so special, I was hornered to even know it.
I am ever grateful for running into it.
Not one day passe by without I am thinking about it.
I would reach it to the sky just to see it happy.
It is in my heartbeat, every breath, every step I make.
But most important of all:
It is my best friend.

© Kamilla Lynge 2011
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