my justin bieber fan story

since i saw jb's first video on utube i had da feeling of him becoming famous then after sometym i wasnt surprised that he became famous .(since the start i was already a fan).im always looking on the news to see what he's doing and what he's up to,recently checking on my twitter on what he is thinking .i even made my own shrine for him (i painted a picture of him). the only songs in my mp3&mp4 are his songs,which i listen to feel better and sleep.and i always sing his songs while on just excited on his movie this feb.11 even though im not looking for a way to see &meet him when he comes here at may 10 here in the phil.


2. fan insanity

since he was famous my life went better!!

i was so crazy about him but not that crazy.

i keep track on whatever he does.....

always supporting him in what he does ,i always enter contests but sadly dont win.

right now the chance on meeting him and seeing him on his concert here is fading
and i just dont know what to do anymore,but i wont give up i gotta reach my dream thats what jb thought all of his fans,he's a good guy.
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