It's about a man named Alan who gets a threat from an organization named Sanorrix.


1. Sanorrix


Alan took the postcard out of his pocket again. He read the few lines on it for the third
time and it still filled him with horror. Alan could feel his heart beat twice as fast
as normal and he was beginning to sweat. He was scared and he knew it. It was like
everything else but the message on the postcard didn’t matter anymore. Alan read the
lines one more time.

It’s your turn.
We will come at midnight.
Don’t try to do something stupid.
It won’t help you.
Nothing will.


Alan sank and looked around nervously. He had never ever been so afraid before in
his whole life. He was very relieved when there wasn’t anyone suspicious or scary
persons nearby. Then he sighed of his own naivety. Of cause they’re not after me, he
thought. Not yet. They will first finish me of at midnight. Just like they had wrote on
the postcard. And Sanorrix always do what they say. Actually Alan had been prepared
for a threat in long time. He knew that Sanorrix wasn’t happy for what he had done,
but he had really hoped that they would forget him. Of course he also knew that it
wasn’t a possibility. Sanorrix never forget something or someone. Especially not if
someone is going in their way. And Sanorrix never forgive or spare anyone. Never.
How ironic, Alan thought. To give me the message that tell me I shall die at midnight
on a postcard. Alan looked at the picture on the other side of the postcard. It showed
a sunny beach with palms and a completely blue sky. Now I’ll never come out and
travel again, he thought sadly.
Then he began to go home. He was actually not so afraid any more. He knew
that he couldn’t live forever and now it was his turn. Alan had two other friends that
also got a threat. They freaked out, but Alan wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t give
Sanorrix that victory. Stay calm, he said to himself. Anyway there’s nothing you can
do to escape you destiny, he thought. He thought back on the time when one of his
closest friend got his threat.
Alan’s friend’s name was Tom. Tom got his threat on a paper lap that was tied
to a red rose. Alan didn’t know what was written in his friend’s threat, but he thought
that it was something like what there was standing in his own. Tom total freaked out
when he got the red rose. It just suddenly lay in his mailbox. Then Tom didn’t go out
of his apartment the rest of the day. The first thing Tom did after he got the threat was
to lock the seven locks on his main door that was four inch thick. Then he went in
to his room and he also locked the two doors there. And then he blocked them with
tables, chairs and what he could find of heavy things. He did even block his small
windows though his apartment was on the fourth floor. His had a burglar alarm in
every single room that would contact the police if some intruders broke in. He was
very horrified and took no chances.
Alan signed. Tom’s apartment looked indestructible, but Sanorrix always find
a way. And they always get their will. Maybe he would had done the same thing back
then but now he knew better.
Alan had passed Tom’s apartment next morning to se if his friend was
unharmed. He didn’t really believe it, because he knew how Sanorrix worked. They
always executed their threat. Therefore it didn’t really surprise Alan to se the thick
main door on the fourth floor was broken up. He hurried into the apartment with
a very bad felling. The apartment was a big mess. Everything was either stolen or
destroyed. Tom’s room was a chaos. Everything was crashed and Tom himself
was gone. The only thing that was left of him was some blood in the bed and on
the floor. Alan had got a big shock back then and he still remembered the terrible
smell of blood and death from the room. Then he had run al the way home to
himself. Away from the room. Away from the apartment. Away from all the blood.
Some days after that the police found the battered body of what had been
Alan’s friend once. Alan was to his friend’s funeral and then he moved to another
city. He didn’t try to escape Sanorrix. That wasn’t possible. He just want to come
away from all the bad memories from that town.
Now Alan was finally home. He shut his door but he didn’t lock it. Why
should he do that? Anyway it wouldn’t help. It wouldn’t protect him at all. He went
to the kitchen and made a cup of tea. Then he sat down in his big brown armchair.
Now he just have to wait. Wait on his destiny. Someone would maybe had asked Alan
why he didn’t try to do something, but he would just had answered that it was useless.
While Alan was sitting waiting, he came to think of Joe.
Joe who had been the other of Alan’s friends that had got a threat. Joe had got
his threat on a banknote. Sanorrix had written the threat with shiny ruby red letters.
Joe that usually was very calm also freaked out. He knew what had happened to Tom
and was scared of that it should happen to him too. Joe didn’t go home and lock his
door like Tom had done it. He wouldn’t do the same mistake. Joe wanted to flee. Joe
had back then taken the first taxi he saw after he got his threat. Then he had ordered
the taxi driver to go to the airport as fast as possible. His plan had been to come with
the first airplane that took off no matter where it took him. If just he escape from
Sanorrix, he didn’t care where he would end up. But Joe never came so far as the
airplane. He disappeared in the airport few minutes before his plane took off, and
he was never seen ever again. His pass, the banknote with the threat, his ticket, bag,
money everything was gone. Perhaps someone had burned all the things. Sure to get
rid of all evidence. No one knows what happened to Joe, but Alan was pretty sure
about that it wasn’t anything good. After Joe’s disappearance, Alan had began to fear
his own dead more and more.
But, Alan thought by himself, am I still afraid? He sat quietly in his soft
armchair wondered about a lot of things. He had so many questions and no answers.
Alan looked at the clock on the wall. The time was a quarter to twelve. Alan signed.
Shall I really die in a quarter, he thought without really believing it. Is this the bitter
end? It was total black outside now. The street lamps had been lit and most people
had gone to bed long time ago. Alan sweat again. He didn’t want to show it but he
was very nervous. He couldn’t take all this waiting any more. He had done what he
should and was very irritable. He hated to wait. He had waited most of his life. On
the train, to get off work, to the dinner was ready. And now he had to wait on some
persons he didn’t want to meet again. He had to wait for his destiny. He had to wait
for his own death. How could fifteen minutes go so slow? Alan opened a window. A
cold wind came into the room but Alan still felt very warm and uncomfortable.
While Alan sat down and stared out of the window into the darkness he suddenly got very angry. Why did he have to wait! Alan knew, he should die tonight. He didn’t want to just sit here and be more scared until it happened. He wanted to do something. But I already have done what I can, he thought. I can’t do anything more than wait.
In frustration, Alan kicked a chair so hard that it broke with a loud crack and broke down. He looked at the chair with surprise. He always used to be able to control his emotions. But not this time. Then he suddenly began to smile. He had never smashed some of his expensive furniture before. Of course he had wanted to do it many times before but he hadn’t done it back then because it was way to expensive to buy new stuff. Or else Alan need the things afterwards. But now, Alan thought with a sudden relief, I don’t need anything anymore. I don’t need to care about all these things. It doesn’t matter anymore. And actually it felt good to destroy something expensive. To let all the anger come out. Alan began to crash everything he saw. He crashed the glass cabinet with fine porcelain and tear down the blue silk curtains from the window. He stomped his valuable computer and all his other electronic equipment, and threw all what could be thrown.
At last everything was a huge mess of broken furniture, broken glass and torn
fabric. Alan gasped for breath. He was tired now. His beautiful and cosy apartment
was total destroyed. But he didn’t care at all. Then suddenly Alan began to laugh.
First quiet so lauder and lauder. He feel much better now. He looked at the clock but
it was total broken, and he realized that he just crashed it a little time ago. Alan saw a
little designer table that wasn’t broken and kicked it so hard it flew away and hit the
wall with a loud crash.
Then he suddenly heard a very different sound. He gasped. It was the sound
of footsteps and there was many. Alan started shaking. He slowly put his hand down
in his pocket. Take it easy, he reminded himself. This must not go wrong. It was like
time began to go slower and slower. Alan heard a creaky door opened behind him.
He turned around against the door very nervously. His sweaty finger slipped over
the small button. He saw some men with guns standing in front of him. He press the
button. It was now or never. This was his destiny. Then there was a giant flash of light
followed by a huge heat wave. And then time froze.

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