All Night Dentist

With a mound of medical school debt what's a new dentist to do but take the first job that comes along? Even if it is at an all-night dental clinic that caters to the creatures of the night...or soon will.


4. Brush Regularly, Floss Often

Six months later in the apartment of Dr. David Edelstein, D.D.S. the telephone rings.
“Yes?” he said, as he answered. “Alright, but let’s be quick about it. I’m right in the middle of something.”
Edelstein stood from the bloody orgy in which he was participating. His female minions tried to pull him back; groping and clawing at him
“Sorry girls, duty calls,” he said and walked to the bathroom. He was dressed and showered in minutes and out the door to the clinic.
As he pulled up he saw a familiar car parked in the lot. It was Kulu’s limousine.
Edelstein parked his Maserati in his reserved space and immediately walked to the car.
The driver stepped out of the car and walked around to open the door for his passenger, and Mr. Derrick Kulu stepped from the darkened car.
“Master, I am honored to see you,” Edelstein said as soon as he saw him. Kulu held out his right hand and Edelstein bent slightly to kiss his signet ring. It was customary and a required ritual for him now.
“Edelstein, it is I who am honored to see you,” Kulu replied in his velvety smooth voice. “I am sorry to pull you away from your Feast.”
Edelstein was ashamed. “Nonsense Master. Nothing is more important than you,” he said. And he believed it.
“I hear the Elders are quite pleased with your work,” Kulu continued, unbothered.
Edelstein was not shy. He beamed at this praise. “Yes, well, they were all in desperate need of work, I can assure you. If only everyone would take as good care of their teeth as you, my dear Master.”
Kulu looked serious for a moment.
“It is truly only because of what you have taught me, my young charge,” he smiled now, more like a friend than a Master. He lifted his arm around Edelstein’s shoulders and turned to walk with him to the clinic.
“Now, let’s come inside, I need you to look at a molar, not that I use them very often anymore, but I do so wish to keep them as oppose to losing them. It’s a simple thing, right, isn’t that what you are always telling me?”
“That’s right, “Edelstein said. “Just brush regularly, floss often and --”
“Stay away from sweets!” Kulu finished for him.
The two vampires, friends now, walked into the clinic and spent the next twenty minutes discussing molars and bicuspids, before transforming into bats and prowling the downtown area for a late night snack.
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