All Night Dentist

With a mound of medical school debt what's a new dentist to do but take the first job that comes along? Even if it is at an all-night dental clinic that caters to the creatures of the night...or soon will.


3. A Really Good Dentist

Edelstein was frozen in place. Immersed in thoughts of his future life--working for Mr. Kulu; living among the creatures of the night , feasting as they feasted on the flesh and blood of the Daywalkers. No more college loans, no more two-room studio apartment, no more living like a pauper when he could live like a king. No more mortality.
Edelstein was now so caught up in his thoughts he didn’t notice Kulu rising up from the examination chair like a dark black cloud; opening his mouth ever wide, and exposing his bright, white, enlarged and elongated canines. Kulu was possessed with a singular need now: He must eat. Starved as he had been, unable to use his sore tooth, he was half-crazed with hunger. Barely able to control his bloodlust as he sat patiently for the dentists work, he was now unable to focus on anything but the prey which stood helpless before him.
It was for this reason that Kulu did not notice the man in the long black trench coat who charged into the room, pushing Edelstein to the side like a potted plant and brandishing a golden crucifix at him.
“Back! Back I say, foul demon spawn!” he shouted. Kulu shrank back from the Holy sign and hissed at the man, protecting his face from the burning heat.
“I have finally found you Derrick Kulu--or should I say--” he paused here for dramatic effect, then, with emphasis said, “Dracula!”
The man with the cross stood tall in the face of the vampire. He felt empowered by God and triumphant in his battle with Evil. “Whatever you now call yourself no longer matters, beast of Hell,” he hissed. “Tonight you shall die!”
Still holding the crucifix in his left hand he pulled a small wooden spear from his trench coat with his right hand and lifted it above his head to strike.
“Be gone you cursed creature,” he shouted. “I, Baron Rictoff Von--” but he never finished.
Doctor David Edelstein, D.D.S., recent college graduate and current paid professional dentist was standing behind the suddenly slumping man with the golden crucifix, holding a small stainless steel tray in his hands, quite conscious now and fully aware of what he was doing.
Kulu, half-crouched against the back wall of the exam room, was himself momentarily confused. He looked at Dr. Edelstein standing there, still holding his little steel tray, then at the slumped body of Baron Rictoff Von Himmelsberg, his sworn enemy for the past twenty-five years.
Kulu was, for the first time in a millennia, absolutely speechless.
Edelstein broke the silence.
“I was thinking, maybe you and I could make a deal?” he said. “I could really use a break and you could really use a good dentist. What do you say?”
Kulu just smiled.
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