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there's nothing here to see.

I like bands. And Youtubers. And UNDERTALE


I'm trash guys
'I write fanfiction but i try to stray from the normal most of the time.
'cept that 5SOS fanfic
yea i don't want to talk about that one.
well let's see i've been writing for like a few years or so
i've written some crappy stuff
I've never won anything, but that's cool 'cause I don't think any of my stuff is good enough to win lol

One time I finished a story. I want to do it again

Stories that are currently being worked on:
Dust- An UNDERTALE fanfiction
Mind of Memories
unnamed other UNDERTALE fanfiction that isn't actually published yet but it will be soon I promise

Other things I'm doing:
Poetry ???
Reviews. I have a review shop. I'm very bad at it
and hahaha i have like a diary or something on here but I don't touch it.

anyways if you made it like all the way down here, congrats!
You must have a lot of DETERMINATION within you.


love you all x.


Probably my favorite Movellas
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What else is there to say? These are the Movellas that I find myself emotionally attached to, the pieces of writing I could go back to and read again and again. <3