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Be kind to people on your way up because you'll see them again on your way back down.

"I have a dream that secretly all teenage girls feel exactly like me. And maybe one day, when we all realize that we all feel the same, we can just stop pretending to be something we're not. That would be awesome. I'm going to say what I want to say, and it would be really cool if you (whoever you might be) join me." -Zoe Sugg

The world is filled with unexpected things like mermaids and second chances.

  • JustAsSaneAsLunaWordsmith
    Aw man, I really wish I could read this. I'm sure it's really good!
    PRISM and the SALIGIA
    PRISM and the SALI...
    MATURE CONTENT GRAPHIC NOVEL - for violence, language and potential sexual themes... The story works of the basis of the seven deadly sins. Our protagonist, Prism - a hypersexed, bisexual stripper and...
    4 лет назад
    Thank you! The link to the site where I'm now posting it is - prism.thecomicseries.com - so you can check it out there, if you'd like. :3
  • JustAsSaneAsLunaWordsmith
    At least Will and Natalie have a COUPLE classes together! So far I have no classes with my friends except band! D:

    Also, woah, I did not expect that from Natalie

    And finally, you have an extra quotation mark in this paragraph: ' “The story of the woman with the twelve year hemorrhage,” Natalie said, picking the first thing that came to mind.”'
    Handle With Care
    Handle With Care
    [Cyden universe] Will didn't know what to expect from his family's new foster child, but it certainly wasn't a standoffish, recluse of a girl. Even though she wants nothing of the sort, Will still hopes...
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