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Hey there human.. I hope.
My name is Autumn. I write stories. Well, that's sort of obvious. I've always had a dream of being a writer, and I guess this is where I spit out the words that just must be written down. Please read, enjoy, and favorite my poetry book Stardust and Embers
~I hope one day you find someone who makes flowers grow in even the saddest parts of you~

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    Thank you! Lord I mean my friend has 270 reads on her book and 73 comments. Like how?! Anyways thanks for acknowledging my existence in my own little bubble in movellas
    Stardust and Embers
    Stardust and Ember...
    So, I'm not really that much of a sappy, poetic, articulate person. I like to write adventure and sci-fi. But the point in adventures is stepping outside your comfort zone, so I'm giving a shot at poetry....
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