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Im wendy i like 5sos and Michael is fucking bae

  • Kitty💙Clifford
    I was tagged by @ [Luke's favorite penguin]
    Name- Wendolee Martinez
    Nick name- Wendy,Bendolee,or window (i have weird friends)
    Height-5 foot
    Fav color-blue
    Lucky number-4
    Last thing i googled- onision
    Number of blankets i sleep under- one
    Time- 12:05 am
    Favorite fiction characters- Daryl Dixion
    Fav book- Harry Potter
    Fav famous people-Michael clifford, Justin bieber, Rupert Grint
    What im wearing -a sweater and tights
    Dream job-Music manager
    3 лет назад
    You definitely have weird friends... But I love your name
    3 лет назад
    Thx ��
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