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michael clifford is art.
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    mumbled "COMING OUT ??"

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    misleading title??? i think yes. but that's okay. check out my new story, queer college, btw haha. (ALSO, i'm loving the options in the profile where, for your gender, you can pick "other" and it'll have "transgender" gender neutral" and "genderfluid" as options (genderfluid being what i am) i swear, movellas is just the best thing for making that.
    i know a lot of you think my name is griffin lmao.
    but 'lo and behold, it's not. it's aj. or ari. whatever. (only picked the name "griffin" bc i watched the youtuber griffin arnlund a lot and thought she had a cool name)
    some of you may find the username 'malumaf' here on movellas familiar (wrote 5sos fanfics/imagines/poetry) AND IF YOU DO, you know that that person is inactive.
    but surprise.
    IT'S ME !!1!
    yes, it's me, @[malumaf] . the reason i went inactive on that account is because it got messy. not with drama, but literally messy. i had too many drafts, too many unfinished stories, too many horrible writing. so, i left that account aside and created this new one. for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to hide my identity?? because not to be vain, but i had quite a few followers and my stories had lots of views. therefore, if i mentioned on that account that i'd be moving to this one and abandoning all of my past followers, then my followers would just move to this one.
    and i wanted to create a new following on my own, by myself.
    so here i am.
    my name is aj.
    my youtube, twitter, instagram, and weheartit links are in my bio.
    thanks for sticking by, friends (:
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