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Help me!

от , воскресенье февраля 12, 2017
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 Help me!

Co-Authors needed

Have you ever had writers block?

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  • Daddyplier

    mumbled "Co-Author Needed"

    2 лет назадОтветить
    I am looking for a Co-Author to help me make ideas for the story and to help me write the story. We can keep in contact through Kik, or through my #. You will get credit for writing this story to :) I have an Idea base for my story but, and I say but I am willing to totally change stuff around. It can be fantasy, supernatural, romance, Paranormal, fiction, drama, realistic fiction, Rags to riches, and adventure. It could also be a mix of some of them. Please comment if you are interested, oh and also I would like to keep the one idea i Have about them being a group of geniuses :) other then that i'll change anything. We can make this any kind of story so please please please someone be interested! :)
  • Daddyplier

    mumbled "Write a story with me (please)"

    2 лет назадОтветить

    I would Like to write a romance, with a twist. I want it to be romance, adventure, and scifi mix. If we write it together you will get credit to (obviously). I am always open to new Ideas and I never say any idea is a bad idea. I will listen to your input and change things that you think needs changed. So just comment below and I can give you my kik and we can get started I hope someone is willing to write with me :)
    2 лет назад
    I'd like to volunteer! I'm writing a romance one currently so you even have like sample os my writing, if that makes sense? Let me know if you're interested!
    2 лет назад
    hey daddyplier
    2 лет назад
    Sorry I didn't get back to you guy's due to medical reasons, but am better now so I hope you guy's would like to write together now?

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