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"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." --President Abraham Lincoln

  • Rohini N

    mumbled "Hello!"

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    How have you been, everyone? It feels so good- logging in after a long time! I have published a story titled 'Sold Down the River' (competing in the Red Queen competition). I'd appreciate it if you could read it, like it, favourite it or even comment on it. In case you need some constructive criticism too, post the link and I will check it out :-)
    Here's the link for my story:
    SOLD DOWN THE RIVERSet in a post-apocalyptic world, Sold Down the River is a story about betrayal. Betrayal doesn't have to be like how Brutus stabbed Caesar or how Judas...

    Thanks a ton everyone :-D
  • Rohini N

    mumbled "It's been a while"

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    Hello, earthlings! How have you been? College is taking up most of my time :-(
    I am having my external exams now.
    I couldn't take part in NaNoWriMo 'cause I am not getting time. It feels good to back online. I find that many things have changed but it felt weird seeing One Direction and Justin Beiber on the homepage.
    But anyways how have you been guys?
    Mercury Chap
    3 лет назад
    Ah good. :)
    I just had my tenth grade exams, waiting for the results XD
    Rohini N
    3 лет назад
    Cool. All the best. Have they come out yet? Is it CBSE, ICSE or State Board results?
    Mercury Chap
    3 лет назад
    It's CBSE :) the results will be there in April end or May. Thank you :)
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