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I’ve been inactive for months, but I’m making a comeback!

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    mumbled "also!!!"

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    I ALSO updated a new chapter of my 13 reasons why spin off! Movellas never works on my phone (wow thx) so i have to come on my computer just to post the chapter (it annoys me) and my wifi sucks 25/8 so my updates slow oops. Other psa! I'm making a cover shop book! WOAH. my covers KINDA suck but it's okay, better than some ive seen.
    13 Reasons Why* WARNING! Mentions of rape, suicide, drugs, and others * A 13 reasons why spin off the way I wanted it to be.

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    Ooooo! When do you think you will publish this cover store? Also Can you please let me know when you open your cover store? I'd love to request from you.
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    I just posted it!
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