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I'm just a person who aspires to be a published author. I usually write either horror/thrillers, supernatural fiction or fan fiction, but recently I've started trying other genres.

I'm open to constructive criticism and value others opinions on my work, so feel free to comment your thoughts on any of my works!

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Please feel free to let me know what you think of my work on any site you see me on, or start up a conversation, I won't bite (much).

Representation Matters!

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 Representation Matters!

Why Representing LGBTQ+ People Matters

When you watch a movie, watch t.v, or read a book do you see characters you can relate to? Can you name at least one character like you from the media you consume? It's not a privilege all people have, but it should be, shouldn't it?

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  • NightshadeCreepypasa

    mumbled "Pride Month Update"

    I know I said I was going to do a mumble for every day of pride month and sort of just stopped, I swear I didn't mean to XD

    I was going to make and post more art but I lost the pen for my art tablet, so that didn't happen. So instead, I'm going to write a short story about the LGBTQ+ characters in Fortunes celebrating pride month. So stay tuned!
  • NightshadeCreepypasa

    mumbled "Pride Month Day 15 Gift!"

    This one is not my creation, but a hilarious webcomic featuring a writer's LGBTQ+ characters from their various works crossed over together on a bachelor like a tv show. The art is great, the writing is great, and I absolutely love all the characters! Plus at the end of each episode, you can vote for who you want to win/go home. It is however rated for a mature audience, as there is some mature themes/humor. Enjoy (if you're the appropriate audience)!
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    Happy pride! Congrats on coming out as neutral gender ��️‍��❤️
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