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My name is Sabitha, and I am currently seventeen years old. I have always loved writing and I still do. Writing and reading are my passion. I want to be a writer in the future.

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    mumbled "6 years wow"

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    I've forgotten to check my profile in a while and realised that my six year movellas anniversary has just passed. Its been an incredible six years and hoping for loads more. I feel old lol. Movellas has been an incredible platform and community which I'm lucky to be a part of filled with wonderful talented people. Go movellas.
    6 year movellas anniversary
    fox trot
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    happy 6 hope you keep this going your a good writer and I want to keep reading your books
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    mumbled "Story on Inkitt, need readers. Please Help"

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    Please everyone read my novel "keep your promises", write a review and share my story. I am trying to get as many people to read my novel as possible.
    I am looking for many readers to give me feedback on my novel and read it, it's written for a competition and it would mean the world to me to do well in the competition. It's a mystery, romance novel one chapter has been published in the competition and if I get 100 readers to read my story then I will publish the rest.
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    Can you Pls follow me?? You just have to follow and maybe just scroll through my texts. Just så i get a few followers... Thank u!
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    Hi do you know how to review and give feedback on a book?
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    mumbled "New story Harry Potter fanfic - 5 YEARS OF BEING A PART OF MOVELLAS"

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    Hi to all the amazing members of movellas, love movellas. Been part of movellas for 5 years now, wow.

    I have written a new story called "Always" it's for the battle of the fandoms competition, and it's a harry potter fanfiction based on the love between Snape and Lily. Hope you will all read, comment and hope you will all like my story.
    Good luck to all entering the competition.
    Always (Harry Potter Fanfiction)Written by me Sabitha Kiritharan Based on the relationship between Snape and Lily.
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    mumbled "Send me a number-game"

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    Pick a number and I will answer, where you get to find a little about me, the slightly crazy girl Sabitha.
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    I will answer one or two at a time, pick a number which you want to ask me.
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    mumbled "Hi hope you could read my story "Broken Walls""

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    Hi, I have written a romance novel, and have published it on Inkitt, and I hope all you amazing people could read it and give me some feedback on it, It is also published on movellas.