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I am an artist in training. i have been reading, writing, and drawing for as long as I can remember. My favorite things to write about are fantasy, adventure, romance, and horror.

  • Luna Nightshade
    I have already started a Doctor Who fanfic on another website. It is not really about the Doctor, rather his twin daughters (10 and Rose's children) trying to save him and Rose from the Daleks. It is later revealed that they are each a certain half of a new Doctor (Astrid being the Body and Sheeta being the Mind). Would that entry be okay?
  • Luna Nightshade
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    Just a little note: Chapter 11- I HATED WRITING IT! I WAS BAWLING THE ENTIRE F-ING TIME!
    The Second Quarter Quell
    The Second Quarter...
    Haymitch Abernathy is an eighteen year old tribute from District 12 during the 2nd Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games. Alongside him are three other tributes, one of them posing more of a threat than an...
  • Luna Nightshade

    mumbled "AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Second Quarter Quell"

    I just wanted to thank all my fans for standing by me and my writing. Regarding my fanfiction "The Second Quarter Quell", I regret to say that it is almost over. I only plan on having two to three more chapters. I wish I could keep it going, but we all know that could never happen. Thank you again, and remember

    -Kree Stark, District 12
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