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they say one love, I say it's myself

  • Just_Love_Yourself

    mumbled "I LOVE YOU GUYS "

    Hey guys!!! I would deeply appreciate it if you followed this AMAZING BEAUTIFUL writer I am so proud to call my friend


    YES I just wrote that 3 times because THAT'S HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO ME.
    Seriously guys shes an amazing writer and I really think you'd be doing yourself a favour my checking her and her books out.
    She had informed me that she updates frequently and tries not to keep you waiting too long for new chapters! (wink, wink)
    Have an amazing day my lovelies
  • Just_Love_Yourself

    mumbled "Very Dissapointed but CONGRATS Naiana!!!"

    hey guys VERY, VERY disappointed that I only received one submission for my poetry/writing contest, this was a chance for you to share your poetry and writing skills with the people around you, my original plan was to create a poem/writing movellas book, where you guys send in your best writings and I judge whether or not they will go into the book...I will still be doing this, but i'll be starting it today...submissons can be sent to my


    or sent through a mumble if you are uncomfortable with the sharing of emails

    CONGRATS to Naiana!!!!!!!
    you are now a character in my new book!!!!
    and also I'd like to say that she had an amazing piece of writing, really impressive poetry.
    thank you for your submission it was greatly appreciated!!!
    Y I K E S
    4 лет назад
    Awe sorry you didnt get many!!!!! Maybe ill compete next time?
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