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"I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am." - Harry Styles.

  • AnnieMarie

    mumbled "New fanfic"

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    Hey guys! Been away for a while as I've kinda been ill and just didn't want to write.
    I've changed my account name from LifeHasItsSecrets (not like anyone would remember me though lol) and I'm now AnnieMarie.
    I will keep up my unfinished fanfics in case anyone wants to still read them but I have a new one I just started writing. It's a Harry Styles fanfic if anyone likes them!
    Delicate [H.S]When your life has revolved around doctors appointments and hospital visits you aren't treated normally. Instead of your parents wondering whether you...

    Will try and update soon. Thanks. Have a nice day/night <3 Byeeee

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