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I like to sing ....oh and I love love love love love movellas . Oh and I'm nice-ish and if your looking for movels that aren't the norm come stop by .
Love cat bug : 3 and love comic books

I try to draw characters a lot (including my own ) .

Things tend to get kinkash-ofied .

Expected topics ,stories ,and genres you don't usually see .

expect racial ,gender, and body type diversity (you know the real kind )

Expect little talk of any boy band from me anywhere ,at anytime.

Warning :I know next to nothing about best sellers like 'Harry Potter' and 'hunger games' or any of the others

If I fail at any of this I DEMAND you tell me about it and in a civil non sarcastic manor so that I might do better please :-)

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    I've never been thin (well my parents say I was when I was little I just wore big shirts )and I've been bullied over alot of things mainly my weight. My family never maid 92nd feel better when I was younger or did much in the way of helping 82nd play it off . My Grandma did that is she wanted me to play more sports which I didnt (and still dont really enjoy ) but I realized something . The human race are a bunch of idiots . People are shallow and insecure and will always find ways to judge you . So the solution is just love for you . If your a home body than your a home body if not that not get healthy as long as you just trying to be healthy not "skinny" or "unfat" . As for marrage ,I under stand it's a more American thing to just not Care but People are weird I had a what is in my opinion a VERY attractive human being play with my fealing all year and he wasn't even one those perfect people from tv . and for what it's worth you posted a selfie before and let me just say I thought you looked beautiful. But it shouldn't matter
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    But here's one question I always have about vampires HOW DO THEY DO THE DO .....THE THING !? THEY AIN'T GOT BLOOD 'S.
    The Eves of Eternity
    The Eves of Eterni...
    It's not easy being what we are, which defined by your society calls us by a very crude and hurtful word to be honest; that word being a two syllable word with such fear, loathing and misunderstanding...
    A Child of the Madness
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    Well ye see, @[Kinka$h] that's the thing; most cases of vampirism if one pays close attention occur as a result of venom being introduced into the prey's bloodstream. Therefore since they most likely haven't been drunk dry, there'd still be blood in the body.

    Likewise, some of the old literature I've found in my travels (yes I dabble in the old world texts on such things) suggest that a vampire's heart may not actually truly stop beating, just, it slows to only a very light, occasional beat so as to keep what blood is in the body from completely solidifying most likely. So I mean, hypothetically, working off that, it'd be possible.

    Pureblood vampires also are born vampiric so what's to say their hearts don't beat? Also those in transformation or who are only half vampires can still have a heartbeat, if only a reduced or slower pulse.
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    Oh my God .....


    Not even getting vulgar ......they last long....
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