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    mumbled "Hello Stranger... o.0"

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    So, um... Hi... It's been awhile...
    So whats went on since... whenever it was I last logged on xD:
    >(I'm sorry Movellas) I've started a Wattpad account and have started a weird 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction... I might post it here :)
    >My laptop's charger has decided to go walkies, so my laptops now dead... R.I.P...
    >I'm now in my last year of High School, and so far it's sucked... T.T
    >On Monday (Nov. 23rd) I turned 17, so I'm nearly an adult 0.0
    >I've started Supernatural... STARTED!!!! I'm only on episode 2, due to my busy schedule.
    >I'm in a Drama group and I've been cast as the Cheshire Cat :D
    >i NOW HAVE AN IPhone, so my crappy Sony Experia thing has been discarded.

    Anyway, Ill be more active on here (promise *crosses fingers*)
    So, my first, "new" post will be a help guide for the Great Gatsby... NO it will not be from 'Spark Notes' but my own work that I've been working on for the past two months. That will include Setting notes, Character Notes, Theme Notes etc., so, I hope you will enjoy that.
    It will be for the kids who are studying Gatsby as a Higher (or what ever qualification level you are studying equivalent to a SQA Higher (Scottish Qualifications Board).

    I'll see you guys around :3
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