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I like 1d and 5sos I'm kind of a nerd ��
Im really shy in front of people
I like to sing.not in front of people

  • nialls little angel
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    one of the best movellas yet so plzz update
    Falling for the Gang Leader (M.C.)
    Falling for the...
    Sophie Love is a normal high school girl who always sees the good in everyone. According to most people, she is a good girl. Michael Clifford is the leader of the Jet Black Hearts gang. According to most...
    3 лет назад
    Aww thank you!! Your comment made me so happy!! I'll update when I can, but I don't know when that will be since I'm going on a trip with some of my family next week.
    3 лет назад
    Just updated! Sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy the next chapter!!
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