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I'm an aspiring self-published author with too many stories, not enough readers and never enough time to write. My dream right now is to share my stories and, soon, be able to spend more of my living hours on words for others to enjoy. My biggest project right now is "Demon Rising", the first novel in a series of four, and has already been self-published. While I'm working on the sequels, I'll let my brain juices brew by entertaining as many people here as I can.

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    mumbled "*screaming internally*"

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    I finished one of my stories FINALLY! Well, one of my stories not associated with my main multi-book series. I can't believe it, tho. I'm going to miss those characters.
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    mumbled "Ooops"

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    So, for those following Cinderella Dances, I'm sorry! I've been swamped this week, and haven't had time to finish the next chapter! I do have some Alpha ready, so I'll update that reeeeeeeally quick and hunker down for Cinderella Dances next week! Thank you for your patience, guys!
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    Almost done with Cinderella Dances.

    Soooo many projects to choose from to work on next.

    But I already promised Alpha.

    I will comply to past me's demands, but imma still work on other things, too.
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    mumbled "So. Tired."

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    Nothing like a bit of off food to give you nothing to do but write! Might help that it's prime arting hours, as well. Meh. Either way.
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    I would like to apologize for my aggravatingly long absence from Movellas. Unfortunately between work/family and some medical issues, this year has been startlingly busy. Fortunately, said issues will be treated shortly, with likely bedrest. With NaNoWriMo just a few days away, however, I wanted to fulfill on a long overdue promise for more from the Gravity universe! Following Kate's perspective of life before the NSISD invaded, we get a good look at who Cory used to be in "Demon's Lover". While Angel Falling is working like a loading bar in 1999, I hope y'all enjoy this novella in progress!

    As always, let me know what you think! ^.^

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