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Hi guys! My real name is Karolin Luong n I'm 16 yrs old. Nice to meet you all, I would like to make friends with u all!! :) I'm happy to be using this app cuz I can chat with my belieber friends n read their fan fictions and the most happy thing is I can also write my own fan fiction n share it with all the beliebers! <3 by the way I'm new in this app, n if my fan fiction got some spelling or grammar mistakes plz forgive me! ^^

  • justinbieber1314
    Thanks for all your support guys!! I will do my best on this story!! I've just updated another chapter! Go and check it out! Hope you like it! :) <3
    A cool rich guy (Justin Bieber), which is the boss of the hotel that where you work in but you've never know who's the boss cause you were only work as a maid that cleaning the hotel rooms. It was Whole...
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