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one day passes
we live on
one month passes
we live on
one year passes
we live on
one lifetime passes

still, we live on

  • HAMMER ✔
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    As i was so impressed with the cover im going to request that you create the cover for the album :)

    Im going to tag you in a mumble where i post my band logo. Can you put that logo across the centre of my cover and write KALEIDOSCOPE underneath it. Can you design the whole background with a kaleidoscope like pattern please. Also, feel free to change the colour of the band logo to fit with the cover.

    Can you make it square please.

    Thank you x
    Papillon Cover Store [Open]
    Papillon Cover Sto...
    A cover store for my lovelies <3 Note: Please read the rules BEFORE asking for a cover. I have all of my delivery info in there, as well as guidelines and other things <3
    HAMMER ✔
    1 лет назад
    I'm a few weeks I may request you do a simple quick edit for me because I need my band logo putting on a photograph, but it'll be a five minute edit dw
    1 лет назад
    ok, i can take care of that :)
    HAMMER ✔
    1 лет назад
    Thank you. The picture will be my face with makeup on ahahahah so you'll have fun w that
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