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You know who I am

One of my books is a hidden gem!

от , воскресенье ноября 20, 2016
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 One of my books is a hidden gem!

This is what happens when I disappeared from Movellas for half the month...

And this is what happens when I decided to search for a book to read.

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  • princess.toy.nerd

    mumbled "Starting Over "

    Can't believe Movellas ate my story "Away in England". Now I have to start over. This doesn't make me happy.
    2 лет назад
    That's a shame. The next time you have any problems accessing anything or something is wrong, don't hesitate to ask Skye for help. As the community manager she's there to help.
    2 лет назад
    Skye S
    2 лет назад
    Before deleting a story @[Jacquel Chrissy May], there's a lot we can do to help recover it should the problem involve anything with the Movellas website or the app. Next time email me at skye.smith@movellas.com before deleting it and starting over, it pains me to think that this issue caused you to do that anyway. Thanks for letting me know.
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