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I am innoce.

I like playing visual novels and otome games like mycandylove or just simulation games like the sims. Usually the games that I like to go for are rpg games where you can customize your character. I've gotten a bit into minecraft ,recently but it's no fun if I'm the only one in the universe.

My goal is to finish what I write, I hope I can inspire someone to create a video game or animation based off my work someday.

You'll find that most of my work are one-shots, not that I haven't tried to come up with another chapter- it's just that I always end up making it one as I can't imagine it having a continuation. So if you read manga it's like a oneshot?

You can find me on writerscafe.org as Bianca
on mycandylove.com as Grien
and youtube as Bisami Blanche
on gossip girl party as Grienice

  • Moments of Bianca
    Moments of Bianca
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  • The Nun
    The Nun
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  • Spoiled Fruit
    Spoiled Fruit
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  • The Aquamarine Legacy
    The Aquamarine Leg...
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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

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I feel that I had to do this

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  • Innoce
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    Wow, to think I wrote this four years ago. It's not too bad. Whenever I end up beating myself up over my stories not being good enough, I should come back on Movellas to pay a visit.
    The Ending
    The Ending
    This story is about you, you're name is Reminiscence, you're a young woman- nineteen, the middle child of five children. Your life begins at the expense of your Mother's life.
  • Innoce

    mumbled "Light Novels"

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    Anyone read any Chinese or Japanese translated light novels out there? They're really good, makes me want to write my own xianxia or wuxia one day. l have drafts, but they lack conflict. I can't bring myself to put my darling characters through the hell storm most novels have.
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